Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Random Over-due Post

Nothing too exciting has happened...
we have been just planning how we are going to do Thanksgiving this year.
And, Kaidence's Nana, Aunt Amy, and Cousin Wendy & Savannah came down this weekend :)
We had so much fun shopping
Even Kaidence did...

The first two we were in Petrie's aka Kaidence's FAVORITE store! ;)
The third was in Baby Gap! Doesn't she just look too cute in the beanie?
It had a matching penguin shirt, jean mini skirt, & leggings :)

Even though we have been to TONS of places looking, we haven't found Kaidence a Thanksgiving outfit ANYWHERE!
So, I'm going to make her a tutu & I have made a cute design to iron on a onesie for her:

I'm she she will just be a doll in whatever she wears :o)

We are planning to go visit some of her cousins in Pace, FL this weekend.
Her cousin JoAnna Grace is only a few months older than her ... I can't wait for them to grow up & be Favorite Cousins! :)

Kaidence also has her TWO MONTH check up Tuesday.
I can't believe she is going to be two months Friday! :(
She is just growing up way too fast!

I will post a two-month update blog Friday!



Shae Page said...

Love the "dress- up" pictures! The only Thanksgiving outfits I could find were a smocked dress (Ebay), a turkey dress (Dillard's), and I found several custom outfits on It's a GREAT website! I also have a onesie and tutu though. More people should make Thanksgiving clothes!!!! I love your turkey design you made! :)

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