Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day in the Life Series/Thursday

I decided to do a fun little series to document our life.
Some of my favorite bloggers {Kelly, Jillian, & Jennifer} have recently done it, so I'm jumping on board!

My day started off at 5:30 when Josh's alarm went off. I got up with him to fix his coffee & breakfast and to pack his lunch for the day. He left around 6:30 and I got back in bed!

I got back up at 9:00, and Kaidence was still sleeping. I decided to go ahead and fix our breakfast before she was there to "help".
Kaidence finally got up at 9:30! I changed her diaper and she insisted I put a bow in her hair.
We both ate breakfast - she had eggs & milk and I had oatmeal.

After breakfast, Kaidence started asking for "ELNO", so I put on Sesame Street for her while I put dinner in the crock pot.
Sesame Street didn't occupy her long, so we played in her room.
 She is obsessed with dressing up right now, so she loved playing in her Halloween costume from last year.

While she played, I worked on organizing her bows some. This is only the everyday bows! Her holiday bows & flowers are on another holder. The girl loves some bows-ha! ;)

She randomly decided to wear panties, so I went with it. After she got semi-dressed she said it was "nap time" and she put this portable changing pad down to nap on.

After she played, she wanted to watch Dora. Dora wasn't on TV, so we had to resort to netflix. She thinks she is SO big sitting at my computer watching her shows!
While she did that, I did a load of laundry.

At 12:00 we had lunch. Nothing special, just leftovers.

Kaidence went down for a nap at 12:30, and I took advantage of the time and showered.
Josh got rained-out at work around 1:00(BOO!) and then Kaidence woke up at 1:30.
(She always strips down during her nap!!)

After Kaidence got up from her nap, we just lounged around the house. We decided to go get Snow Cones, but when we got there they were closed! :(
We came back at I started dinner around 5. I cooked over-stuffed BBQ baked potatoes & baked beans.

Josh left for band practice at 6, so we have just been hanging around playing.
Kaidence gets a bath at 7 and then it's her bedtime at 8!

Hopefully I didn't bore y'all to tears! :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You might be a redneck...

if killing "AINTS" is your favorite game!

*Sorry, I'm a doofus & can't get the video to load on my page. But, trust  me, you want to watch this!*

22 Months Old

I say this in every post, and will probably continue to say it every MonthDay & Birthday!
My girl is growing up way too fast!!!!

You weigh 29 lbs, 6 oz
{As of Thursday July 21 when you went to Dr E}

You are obsessed with "boog-ahs!" It's a little nasty, but you want to make sure you don't have any extra little friends! ;)
You love to talk! You're getting much better with your speach, but sometimes you still ramble off in your own language!
You favorite word is "AINTS"! You see a bug and you yell "AINTS!" You sound like a country hick, but it's too cute!

You are equally a girly-girl and a tom-boy! You love to put on make up, bows, and jewelry..but, you don't mind playing in the mud or with choo-choos {Which is what you call any type of vehicle!}
You're still in love with "El-no", and you have started requesting "Boop-Boops"{Veggie Tales. She calls it that because of the song} and "Do-Do" {Dora.}

You aren't potty trained, but have a sick obsession with saying "Pee Pee" and "Poo Poo".
You even call meats and refried beans "poo poo", but that doesn't stop you from eating it-sick!

You love to say your prayers. Before every meal & bedtime you put your little hand over your mouth, mumble some things, and then shout "AMEN!"
You still cry in the church nursery, but it's only until you see a little friend for you to play with! And, your always playing when we go check on you.
You have seen your Daddy drum so much that you have picked it up! We tell you to play the drums & you beat on whatever is near you.

You love to help with anything we do.
If we're cooking, you have to be on the counter helping..If we're doing laundry, you're pulling stuff out of the dryer..If we're doing dishes, you're loading your toys into the dishwasher.
I'm praying this stays around for many, many years! ha!

It's hard to believe I will only write 2 more monthly updates!
You were in shock when you found out, too! 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Awesome Deal.

Okay, I just have to share this great deal with y'all!
I love Plum District! It's a great daily deal site, and recently they have been running a fabulous deal for Erin Condren!

The deal now is $25 for $50 worth of products!!
And, her fabulous life planners happen to be $50!

*You can click on the links that are in this funky color and get to the website*
Here's what you need to do:
First - go to Plum District and sign up.
Second - find the Erin Condren deal. Today it's Dallas: Dallas County.
Third - Buy the deal! Another sweet thing, is there's a promotion code INWITHNEW that saves you $5! {Which makes the deal $20!!!}
Fourth - Wait for your e-mail with the code to buy your Erin Condren

*Also, on her website you can use 2011off or WELCOME10 to save an additional amount*

Now, I know this wasn't very, I'll include some pictures to swoon your over! :)

{This is the planner pattern I'm getting, except in the brown & multi colored stripes!}

See? You know you totally need one! ;)

Fun Day

I'm sure you guessed whoe our visitor was.
Of course it was this little cutie!

Everyone came down and met us at Big Kahuna's to spend the day playing at the water park.

She got her very first Dippin Dots while we were there!
She was a fan!

She also turned 22 months old!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Scentsy Party!!!

Hey y'all!
I have decided to host an online/book party through my aunt's Scentsy.
I love scentsy & currently have 3 burners burning-Obsessed?

As an incentive for you gals/guys to buy from my party, I'm going to throw in some fun freebies & prizes!!

First off, you need the link to buy from..
Just go HERE!
Or, you can go to her main page here but you must buy from the Ashley Thames party for your purchase(s) to count!

As far as the extras...
{I will keep up with all the orders placed now through the end of the party & pick 1 winner through!}

{You must tweet about my party! Make sure you include @TheThames3. I will pick 1 winner through}

**Free $10 Gift card**
 to winner's choice of store!
...AND 10% off your order!!!!
{The person who places the larger order will get this!}

You don't have to have a blogger account to enter. If you can't comment, just shoot me an e-mail to
joshandashleythames at gmail dot com!

The party ends Thursday July 28 @ 8 am CST & the winners will be announce Thursday afternoon!

Anniversary Celebration

On Tuesday Josh & I headed to Destin to have a little getaway for our anniversary.
We started out the day with lunch at a new restaurant, Bubba Gump Shrimp Company.
{my lunch}
It was delicious!
Josh even got to pretend to be Forrest!
After lunch we went to Destin Commons to do some window shopping and to the theater.
We saw Horrible Bosses. It was funny, but had a lot of wordy-dirty's!

When the movie was over we did some shopping and then headed to the hotel to get ready for dinner.
We decided to try out Fisherman's Wharf.
The wait time was long, but it was okay since we didn't have an inpatient 22 month old with us-ha! ;)
{my dinner}
{Josh's dinner}

Wednesday we have a little visitor come with her Grammie to do something fun....

you'll see tomorrow ;)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

3 Year Anniversary

Three years ago today, I married my best friend.
We have had our share of fights and disagree pretty often, but at the end of the day we always lay things aside and go to bed thankful for each other.

Happy Anniversary, Josh!!

{from our honeymoon.}

Monday, July 18, 2011


I think it's safe to say KK loves her little cousin!

Maybe a little too much..

She loves him enough to share her bows, too.


He even gets sweet kisses!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Gulf Shores

We decided to take another spur of the moment beach trip Wednesday.
Wendy & Savannah were still with us, so we met my mom, Amy & Brayson in Gulf Shores.


The temperature was great, the beach wasn't too crowded, the only downfall was the purple flag because of jelly fish! :(
Kaidence & Savannah did go out a little ways, but not too deep!

Kaidence has always loved the sand at the beach!
This time she let us cover her "kicks" in sand, which she thought was so cool.

Brayson stayed in the shade on the pier most of the time. I did have to get a picture of his first time at the beach, though.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Fun Weekend

Thursday -
We got all cutied up & went out for a yummy dinner at The Hungry Owl.

Friday -
We went to the beach.

Then, had delcious snowcone from a bughetto stand we found.

After we got home Josh grilled us this fantastic Summer meal!

Saturday -
We went to Big Kahunas in Destin.
{that was Josh's excited face-ha!}

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Weekend

We had a busy weekend.
Nana, Aunt Heather, Uncle Blakely, Brayson & Aunt Amy came down.

I have a lot I could say, but I have an ill little, here's pictures to prove that we did celebrate :)

{Brayson & Kaidence before church Sunday}

4th of July show at our church..
{her little bottom was too cute in these shorts}
{this girl loves her some hotdogs!}
{Daddy's band played before the fireworks}

4th of July fun at the Clement's house.
{our patriotic cake pops..that looked pretty rough but got ate up FAST!}
{poor Wilbur!!}
{all the guys}