Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day in the Life Series/Thursday

I decided to do a fun little series to document our life.
Some of my favorite bloggers {Kelly, Jillian, & Jennifer} have recently done it, so I'm jumping on board!

My day started off at 5:30 when Josh's alarm went off. I got up with him to fix his coffee & breakfast and to pack his lunch for the day. He left around 6:30 and I got back in bed!

I got back up at 9:00, and Kaidence was still sleeping. I decided to go ahead and fix our breakfast before she was there to "help".
Kaidence finally got up at 9:30! I changed her diaper and she insisted I put a bow in her hair.
We both ate breakfast - she had eggs & milk and I had oatmeal.

After breakfast, Kaidence started asking for "ELNO", so I put on Sesame Street for her while I put dinner in the crock pot.
Sesame Street didn't occupy her long, so we played in her room.
 She is obsessed with dressing up right now, so she loved playing in her Halloween costume from last year.

While she played, I worked on organizing her bows some. This is only the everyday bows! Her holiday bows & flowers are on another holder. The girl loves some bows-ha! ;)

She randomly decided to wear panties, so I went with it. After she got semi-dressed she said it was "nap time" and she put this portable changing pad down to nap on.

After she played, she wanted to watch Dora. Dora wasn't on TV, so we had to resort to netflix. She thinks she is SO big sitting at my computer watching her shows!
While she did that, I did a load of laundry.

At 12:00 we had lunch. Nothing special, just leftovers.

Kaidence went down for a nap at 12:30, and I took advantage of the time and showered.
Josh got rained-out at work around 1:00(BOO!) and then Kaidence woke up at 1:30.
(She always strips down during her nap!!)

After Kaidence got up from her nap, we just lounged around the house. We decided to go get Snow Cones, but when we got there they were closed! :(
We came back at I started dinner around 5. I cooked over-stuffed BBQ baked potatoes & baked beans.

Josh left for band practice at 6, so we have just been hanging around playing.
Kaidence gets a bath at 7 and then it's her bedtime at 8!

Hopefully I didn't bore y'all to tears! :)

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Jennifer said...

Love your day in the life post!! I also love all of K's bows. They make me happy :)
She's precious, Ashley!