Monday, October 31, 2011


This year our Halloween was super low-key. Josh had to work, so it was just us girls.

We started off our afternoon with taking some pictures in the yard.
It was going great, until she ran out of candy. Ha!
See this face? She uses it a lot to sneak her way out of trouble.. 
I snapped this picture right before we went to trick-or-treat. 

We only made it to one house this year, but Kaidence was 100% okay with that. She loved handing out candy to all the others "kids", as she calls them. She wasn't too into the scary costumes though.

{side note: Today we went to the mall and there was an older woman dressed as a witch. She had on scary/nasty face paint and had a fake cane. Kaidence saw her and said "EW! She's uggy!!" Talk about wanting to run and hide!!! The lady just laughed it off, thankfully!!!}

Halloween Weekend

Friday -
We played around the house most of the day. Kaidence has become a pro at telling us what she doesn't like! Not cool. I hear "I don't yiiiiiiike it" more times than I can count these days.
That's another story for another day.
Friday afternoon we get dressed and headed to Aunt Peggy's house for a little Halloween Party. Kaidence had a blast! She got to help make cupcakes.
As you can see from the pictures she obviously believes in chef-tasting! 
She also enjoyed a cupcake ... or 3

Saturday -
We decided it was time to get a pumpkin. We'd already been to fall festivals, but they didn't have pumpkins for sale. We went to a local church, and they had tons of pumpkins spread out on the ground. Kaidence was in pumpkin heaven!
She loved this big, warty pumpkin! She tried to pick that big thing up-ha! 
She kissed more than I can count. Which is disgusting, I know, but pick your battles! 
Here she is loving on another warty one. I'm not sure why she's obsessed with warty pumpkins. 

I've mentioned in several posts that she loves to sing. Well, here is the proof!
Anything that might possibly resemble a microphone gets used as one. 
And then? She throws up her little hands and praises the Lord! 

As we were picking out her pumpkin she said "cheese" and I turned around and saw her posing like this. 

After the pumpkin patch we went to Target and Sonny's.

Sunday -
We planned to go to church, but over slept! So- we went grocery shopping instead. 

Happy Halloween

from our little Abby!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Silent Sunday

Painting Pumpkins Edition.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mini Mail

Kaidence loves to check the mail everyday. Loves it!
Most days she gets upset because there is nothing for her.
That's why when Meredith from the tichenor family. blogged about Itty Bitty Pen Pals, I knew I had to sign Kaidence up!

Kaidence got pair with Sweet Sophia from KY.
Her mommy doesn't have a blog, but trust me when I say she's the cutest little thing!
Kaidence was a little upset that she couldn't rip into the package right away-ha!
When she finally got into it, she was giddy with excitement. 
KK's loot- 
Of course she had to play/look at everything to make sure she approved. 
See that teddy bear?
She loves it! It has had dinner and bedtime with her. 
This is out of order for some reason.
But-she saw her purse and she was cheering "YAEY!!" 

So-thanks to Sophia and her mommy for all of Kaidence's great gifts!
She loved them!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


-Monday morning we decided it was time to 100% potty train Kaidence. We woke up, put on big girl panties, and the rest is history. She has been in public twice and so far no accidents! She still sleeps in a pull-up, so we have to work on bed time PTing!
{KK wearing her jeggings and favorite shoes-TOMS!}

-I have a fun giveaway coming up from the lovely ladies at

-I use to love Facebook sale sites. Now? They get on my nerves! Bad customer service, horrible looking clothes, and too many people trying to win the same thing. Not my cup of tea ;)

-Kaidence loves to paint. Loves it! I just hate the mess it makes. I need to find a good, kid friendly fingerpaint. Suggestions?

-We're going to a small Halloween party Friday night, and Kaidence is way too excited to be "Abby Cadabby"! She wants to try on her costume atleast once a day.

-My friend makes and sells these adorable hats, as well as all of K's custom bows. She is super talented and the best price that I've found for crocheted hats. If you want her info, let me know. I may share ;)
{Kaidence's girly reindeer hat} 
{Brayson's Auburn Tiger hat]

-I'm loving the Dukan diet. I started yesterday and weighed this morning. Lost weight, but don't want to jinx myself ;)

-I do have to say you have to be super creative on this diet. I'm cooking meats and eggs in ways I've never before. ha! My favorite way to cook eggs right now is with a lot of cilantro and fat-free cheese.

...That is all I can think of for now!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Your Last Meal.

Yesterday I talked to Josh about a me starting a diet. He thought it sounded like a good plan, so he decided he wants to do it, too. Great, a man always loses faster than a woman.
As we talked about it, I told him what you could and could not eat. For the first week, only lean meats and proteins. Not too hard, but not too easy. In that exact moment we both started thinking about what our last meal would be.
Sushi? Steak? Mexican?  Pasta?
We threw out several ideas, but finally decided to go with Five Guys. Big, greasy, non-lean burgers.
Even Kaidence enjoyed a "pony burger" 

I can't say this would be my last meal I would chose if I was on death row and forced to do so. But- it was a great last meal before starting a diet. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Celebrating and The Fair

We went back to our hometown for a quick visit this weekend.
Saturday we celebrated my Granny Hardage's birthday.
{Our family and Golden Flake chips-thanks to KK!}

Saturday night Josh & I had a "date", we went to a local Japenese restaurant. After that we met everyone at the fair.
It wasn't Kaidence's first time to go to the fair, but last year she was so little she didn't really get to do anything.
This year?
She loved it! 

See the panda bear? That bad boy was $5!
She better carry it around until she goes to college...! 

This sweet little man was there, too. The fair wore him out! :)

Today we celebrated Josh's Grandma Liles's birthday.
Didn't get many pictures.
Just some of KK "riding" a horse

And one of our delicate little girl playing sweetly with her cousins..
...Or not!