Monday, October 31, 2011


This year our Halloween was super low-key. Josh had to work, so it was just us girls.

We started off our afternoon with taking some pictures in the yard.
It was going great, until she ran out of candy. Ha!
See this face? She uses it a lot to sneak her way out of trouble.. 
I snapped this picture right before we went to trick-or-treat. 

We only made it to one house this year, but Kaidence was 100% okay with that. She loved handing out candy to all the others "kids", as she calls them. She wasn't too into the scary costumes though.

{side note: Today we went to the mall and there was an older woman dressed as a witch. She had on scary/nasty face paint and had a fake cane. Kaidence saw her and said "EW! She's uggy!!" Talk about wanting to run and hide!!! The lady just laughed it off, thankfully!!!}


Perfectly Imperfect said...

I laughed out loud at her reaction to the witch!! Kids crack me up!!

Jennifer said...

How funny about her reaction to the witch!
And I love her costume, she's precious!