Monday, October 10, 2011

Seward Farms

This weekend we took a trip to a local farm.
It was Kaidence's 3 year going to a "pumpkin patch", but this is the first year she has really got to play and experience it. I'd have to say it was a big hit! We stayed there for about 2 hours-and she was in heaven!
Cousin Wendy went with us, too.

Kaidence playing in the corn.

She loved this horse swing.

Feeding the goats.

Her first pony ride. She got on there and held on like she was a pro!

Hay ride. See that cotton candy? It ended up being her "pillow" and getting all over her!

This picture cracks me up! Kaidence loved jumping on this thing, though.

Sweet girl picking flowers.

This was a slide, and judging by Wendy's face ... it hurt!

K went solo. It looked like it hurt, but she jumped up and ran back up the steps to go again!

We also watched duck and pig races, and did an extremely long corn maze. I think we may have to make one more trip again this year since she enjoyed it so much!


Anonymous said...

Ok... now you've got me wanting to take Jeremiah. I doubt he really gets into it, but it would be fun tradition to start. Thanks for posting the pics, I didn't realize they had all of those things to do. I just thought it was the corn maze.

Mrs G said...

You are in Tx right? Where was this at? I think my kids would LOVE this.

Mrs G said...

Oh my, I just looked at your profile, AL?? I was way off, wait I could be wrong again. NVM LOL

Perfectly Imperfect said...

y'alls visit looks a lot like ours! bg also enjoyed it so much that we might just have to go back!