Sunday, October 23, 2011

Celebrating and The Fair

We went back to our hometown for a quick visit this weekend.
Saturday we celebrated my Granny Hardage's birthday.
{Our family and Golden Flake chips-thanks to KK!}

Saturday night Josh & I had a "date", we went to a local Japenese restaurant. After that we met everyone at the fair.
It wasn't Kaidence's first time to go to the fair, but last year she was so little she didn't really get to do anything.
This year?
She loved it! 

See the panda bear? That bad boy was $5!
She better carry it around until she goes to college...! 

This sweet little man was there, too. The fair wore him out! :)

Today we celebrated Josh's Grandma Liles's birthday.
Didn't get many pictures.
Just some of KK "riding" a horse

And one of our delicate little girl playing sweetly with her cousins..
...Or not!

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Perfectly Imperfect said...

Fun!! Can you believe I cannot find one single fair here?!? I'm dying to take the little one. Boo!