Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Your Last Meal.

Yesterday I talked to Josh about a me starting a diet. He thought it sounded like a good plan, so he decided he wants to do it, too. Great, a man always loses faster than a woman.
As we talked about it, I told him what you could and could not eat. For the first week, only lean meats and proteins. Not too hard, but not too easy. In that exact moment we both started thinking about what our last meal would be.
Sushi? Steak? Mexican?  Pasta?
We threw out several ideas, but finally decided to go with Five Guys. Big, greasy, non-lean burgers.
Even Kaidence enjoyed a "pony burger" 

I can't say this would be my last meal I would chose if I was on death row and forced to do so. But- it was a great last meal before starting a diet. 


Jenna said...

I really like their fries!! ;-)

Brandi said...

YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've got to lose a few lbs too...bummer!!