Wednesday, October 26, 2011


-Monday morning we decided it was time to 100% potty train Kaidence. We woke up, put on big girl panties, and the rest is history. She has been in public twice and so far no accidents! She still sleeps in a pull-up, so we have to work on bed time PTing!
{KK wearing her jeggings and favorite shoes-TOMS!}

-I have a fun giveaway coming up from the lovely ladies at

-I use to love Facebook sale sites. Now? They get on my nerves! Bad customer service, horrible looking clothes, and too many people trying to win the same thing. Not my cup of tea ;)

-Kaidence loves to paint. Loves it! I just hate the mess it makes. I need to find a good, kid friendly fingerpaint. Suggestions?

-We're going to a small Halloween party Friday night, and Kaidence is way too excited to be "Abby Cadabby"! She wants to try on her costume atleast once a day.

-My friend makes and sells these adorable hats, as well as all of K's custom bows. She is super talented and the best price that I've found for crocheted hats. If you want her info, let me know. I may share ;)
{Kaidence's girly reindeer hat} 
{Brayson's Auburn Tiger hat]

-I'm loving the Dukan diet. I started yesterday and weighed this morning. Lost weight, but don't want to jinx myself ;)

-I do have to say you have to be super creative on this diet. I'm cooking meats and eggs in ways I've never before. ha! My favorite way to cook eggs right now is with a lot of cilantro and fat-free cheese.

...That is all I can think of for now!


mrsjsanders said...

Oh my gosh, please share your potty training secrets my soon to be 2 year old (in 3 days) has put me through the ringer and she's given me signs that she's ready but I can't get her to go to the potty.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I can't wait to see her in her costume!!! She's going to be so cute!

I DREAD the day we have to start dealing with potty training. DREAD IT.

Ashley E. said...

I'm excited about the giveaway! And I'm really impressed KK is potty trained!!! That's awesome. And I couldn't agree w/ you more about the fbook sale sites. GRRRR!!!! DDD is on my last nerve. :)

Whitney said...

Ashley~ I'm not sure which leggings you were talking about, but if you look on the pictures the name of the Etsy store is written on the bottom! :)