Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kaidence wants to say...

We love you!
And, can't wait to see you tomorrow! :)

{And, two more 'out-takes'}

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - The best snuggler, EVER!

{Sorry I have been MIA! I have been super busy. Yesterday, me & K were at church cleaning the youth room all day. Today, I'm cleaning the house because Grammie & Pawpaw are coming this weeknd. I will have a post soon though!=)}

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another Busy Weekend

Friday, my mom & sister Amy came down that afternoon. We met Josh for dinner after he got off work. That is seriously the most exciting thing we did all day - ha!
Saturday, Josh had to work. :( Us girls went to "Christian Chicken"(Chick-Fil-A) for lunch. After that we went to Hobby Lobby and to the mall to get Wendy Lynn some things for her 13th birthday. Her party was in Pensacola, FL, so we had a pretty good ride. Good thing Kaidence was asleep!
Her party was very pretty. Pink, black, white, & zebra :) Kaidence matched the decor, too!
{The Birthday Girl Wendy, Savannah, & Miss K!}
Kaidence was not in a good mood! She just wanted me to hold her and if anybody looked at her or said anything to her she cried. ha! Spoiled? Luckily she let her Aunt Amy hold her, but I had to be sitting right beside her. And, this pickle helped, too!
We didn't let her have much, but she loved it!!!
Today, I went to church and left K here with her Nana & Aunt Amy because she needed to nap and she just didn't seem like she felt too great. After church we headed to the flea market. Her Nana got her the cutest pillowcase dress and flower hairbow for Easter!
Tonight we're going back to church. I'm excited because we're having a youth meeting - and we're about to start working with the youth! Me, Josh, & Le'Anne! :) I am beyond ready, too!!!
Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

5 Months Old

What are you up to these days???
-You didn't have a well check-up this month, but we're guessing you weigh around 17 pounds. We measured you and you're still 25.5 inches long & your head is still 17.25 inches!
-You still wear 3-6 months clothes, and a few 6 months too. All your sleepers are 6 months +!
-You are in a size 2 diaper. After this pack, you will be a size 3!
-You love to squeal! It's funny because you are so loud :)
-You love your entertainer your Nana got you. Especially the frog!
-You are pro at eating babyfood now. You've had bananas, peaches, applesauce, pears, and butternut squash. You like them all except peaches! You gag & spit them out everytime.
-You still take 4oz every 2-3hours
-You still don't have much hair. But, the pieces you do have seem curly :) I am SO excited!!!
-You love to stand up when someone is holding your fingers.
-You can roll over both ways really well, but you haven't set up on your own yet.

Happy 5 Months, Sweet Girl!
We love you very much!

New Blog Design!

Remember when I did the CHD Awareness post? Well, I won the giveaway Crystal @ You and Me Plus Three was having.
I won a set of Bath & Body Works ... and, this amazing new blog design!
I just love it! :)
Thanks Crystal!!!
And, some Little Lady turns 5 Months Today! :)
{I will do her 5 month stats tonight}

Friday, February 19, 2010

My First Blog Award.

I was given the 'Beautiful Blogger Award' from Jess over at Welcome to the Zoo.
Thanks SO much! :)

As are the rules of winning the award, I'd like to pass this award on! The rules are simple:
1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award and insert a link to their blog.
2. Copy and paste the award into your blog
3. Share 7 things about yourself.
4. Pass on the award to about 10 other bloggers who you recently discovered and think are great! (in no particular order)
{WARNING! This is random!}
1 - I have really only "dated" Josh. Some people think it's very strange, but I am glad! We both had other "boyfriends/girlfriends" but they were in 8th grade & before. ha! They were the I'll call you on the phone & that means we are going out! 
2 - I love 'sauces'. When I go out to eat, I ask for sauces and that is what I mean - more than one. I literally need atleast 3 or 4 for 2 chicken strips. Josh, on the other hand barely eats any. He eats plain chicken strips, plain fries, etc,.  -- GAG!
3 - I have atleast 4 more girl names & 5 boy names. We don't want that many kids, but I love picking out names and I want to be prepared!
4 - I am OCD about numbers. I always have the radio volume on 2 bars or 4 bars. I only want 2 or 4 kids. When I eat, skittles or m&ms, I eat them 2 or 4at a time, and put equal amounts on each side - make sense?
5 - I also seperate my candy by color. Even m&ms!
6 - I am terrified of someone breaking in my house. I guess it's from too many Law & Order:SVUs! Some times after Josh leaves for work I swear I hear something so I get my car keys & set off the alarm to scare them off! ha! Truthfully, it's probably my neighbors aggrivating dogs.
7 - I love watching reality tv shows. Even the "bad ones", according to Josh. Real Housewives, 16 & Pregnant, Biggest Loser, Keeping up with The Kardashians, Millionare Matchmaker, Shear Genious, Teen Mom, The Hills(FAVORITE!!!), 19 Kids & Counting ... that is just some of my favorites! I really miss DVR because I miss alot of my shows now! :(

Nominations: I only have 5, sorry!
Annie @ Our Little Family
Elizabeth @ Musing Experiences
Ms J @ The Smelly Life
Jayme @ The Tater Twins
Jill @ The Young & The Precious

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fat Thursday?

Just wanted to share this little 'funny'!
Today me & K went to the grocery store. We have a "special friend" who works there and he hasn't seen us in a while. He was SUPER excited when he saw us in the parking lot. He came up to the car & was looking at Kaidence while I got her buggy cover. He asked how old she was and I told him almost 5 months. He said "She must like to eat!" ha! Poor child. Everybody use to talk about how small she was, now everybody talks about how chunky she is! I love her chunky little rolls though :)
She rode in the buggy for the first time today, too. She did really good for about 5 minutes, then she got lazy/tired and started falling over. So, I took her Bun-A & let her lay her head on it. She was having the best time playing with my cell phone, chillin' in the buggy!

Yes, Food World definitely has 'WHO DAT' chips. ha! I love it! :)
And, since I didn't celebrate 'Fat Tuesday' I had my own little 'Fat Thursday'
Let me tell you, they were great! And, I may have had 3 of them. I could have ate all 6, but I do have some self control!
{Sorry for the bad picture quality, they are from my ghetto cellphone!}

Tomorrow, my mom & sister are coming down. And, Saturday we have a birthday party. We should have another fun weekend :)

Of course, I couldn't post without including a picture of Miss K! :)
{She kept trying to get her spoon to feedherself, so I let her. :) She was SUCH a mess, but had fun!}
And, these legs...
I just want to SQUEEZE them!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

{Ok! I'm hopping on the band wagon. If you read this blog regularly, please become a follower. I like to know who is reading and I also like to follow you in return. So, if you are reading this click right over ---> there on 'Follow'! Once we hit 50 followers, I'm going to have a giveaway of somesorts ... THANKS!}

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Weekend Recap

Thursday night - I made homemade chicken noodle soup. Le'Anne & Jon came over and we played 'Disney Scene It'! It was lots of fun, but I forgot to take any pictures - oops!
Friday - we got up early to get ready for Winter Jam.
It started at 6 pm; but we wanted to get good seats and last year it was a packed house.
We were suppose to get a lot of snow. We mainly got rain & sleet. So, when it did snow for about 20 minutes it didn't stick because it was so wet. Kaidence was very upset about that, too!
We took Kaidence to Paps & Wesa, then we headed to eat lunch.
We had some chinese buffet -yum! We got to the Mitchell Center about 2 pm. It was so cold! We set up a tent and played cards and had snacks!
Saturday - we did our taxes and grocery shopped that morning. Saturday afternoon we had a Valentine's Banquet at church. After it was over we just hung out with our Pastor & family! {We love that family! :)}
Sunday - I got breakfast in bed from Josh.
We went to church and then I cooked fajitas for lunch.
We took a Sunday afternoon nap which rarely happens anymore. It was great!
After that we had a little Valentine's photo shoot with Miss K before church.
Today Josh had to work, so I cleaned out my closet. It was way past due - trust me!

Hope you all had a Wonderful Monday!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sick & Possibly Snow{long post with lots of pictures}

Tuesday afternoon I started feeling really yucky. I didn't know what was wrong, but I knew something was up. I made myself stay awake to watch 'This Is It' with Josh, but I could have totally went to bed at 6:00pm! When we finally went to bed, I couldn't sleep. I would fall asleep and then wake up feeling horrible.
I always get up with Josh at 5:30 am and fix him breakfast before he goes to work. I got up Wednesday morning and told Josh I thought I was getting a bug. And, sure enough before he left at 6:00 it became official. I.WAS.SICK!
I literally couldn't drink water without getting sick. I had to call our Pastor's wife so she could watch Kaidence because I was so weak and I did not want my precious girl getting that sick!
Yesterday afternoon around 5:00 I was feeling 100% again. It was totally crazy because it didn't last 24 hours like most viruses do and Josh nor Kaidence got sick .. at all! I am very thankful for that, though.
Miss K had tons of fun with Paps & Wesa yesterday though. They don't have any grandchildren yet, but they consider K their "adopted grandgirl". They spoil her and she loves it!
{She takes a minute to warm up to Paps because he has a mustache & she's not use to that!}
Josh picked up her after he got off work. And, she was happy to see her Mommy!
Today it is FR.EEEEE.ZING! It has actually started sleeting here, too. I am so excited! I want it to snow so bad! It hasn't snowed in Alabama since the early 90s. I think 94?
Tomorrow we're suppose to go to Winter Jam {Third Day, Newsong, News Boys, Tenth Avenue North, Fireflight, Sidewalk Prophets, Revive, Robert Pierre, Tony Nolan} I am super excited. But, I do not want to stand outside in the cold for 3+ hours. ICK! I am going to pile on the layers and bring a blanket - ha! Kaidence will not be going this year. She "went" last year & I was for sure my little peanut was going to be birthed right there during the concert. It was that loud.
Nana & Aunt Amy are coming down tomorrow, too. They are going to keep Kaidence after she goes to see Paps & Wesa. Saturday we have a small Valentine's Banquet at church. We don't have any plan for Valentine's Day. Last year Josh suprised me with a limo pick-up at some random mall. Then, we went to hibatchi at Jia's in the Beau Rivage. After that, we saw David Cook in concert. He also suprised me with a super nice suite. It was beautiful! {Funny story: Josh was 20 at the time & I was pregnant...they gave us a bottle of champagne! ha! We flushed it down the toilet after Josh tried it because he said it was nasty! When we got home & googled it, it was actually very expensive!} It was a lot of fun. We decided not to do anything this year because Josh's going to be in two weddings, Me & K are in one, and we're going back to Anniston this summer.
Hope you all have a great Thursday! And, cross your fingers that we get some SNOW!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

CHD Awareness Week.

Many of you probably remember my Christmas Day Continued Post. Well, I posted a picture of Josh's Uncle Jeff holding Kaidence.
Jeff has CHD. He has Tetralogy of Fallot just like Bentley. As you can tell, Jeff is older. I think he is 64. I'm not 100% sure, but if I'm wrong..Grammie please let me know! ;) He has never had any kind of surgery for his T.O.F.! Isn't that amazing? I tell you, God is truly amazing. Josh's Grandma has a lot of information about Jeff's CHD. His story is a true testimony of God's work!
Jeff is quite the character, though. He loves to put on a show, loves attention, and pretty women -ha!

Bentley's mom is actually having a giveaway to spread more information about CHD. So, check out her blog and continue to Pray for Bentley!

**For Bentley's CHD story click here!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Recap

Friday was very low key. I finally calmed Miss Priss down with a warm bath and gum rubbing. I put her in her pajamas before 5 pm. I was tired, she was tired, and we both needed a break! After Josh got home we rode with him to Sears, then came back home and just relaxed. It was a nice quite time.
Saturday we had a wonderful girls day! Me, Kaidence, Mrs Lesia, Le'Anne, Brandy, & Jessalynn went to Chili's for lunch. It was so yummy, too! Kaidence was so good. I was very glad because she had been having a rough morning because we missed her morning nap. After lunch we went to the mall and had some Starbucks. I had a white chocolate frapp - it was delicious. Especially since it had lots & lots of sugar - ha!
Kaidence wore one of her Valentine's outfits Saturday, too. I think she looked super cute in her hearts!
We didn't get home until after 5 pm - ha! We were having a good time walking around and cutting up we didn't realize how late it was. When we were leaving we stopped by Books A Million in the mall because they had Alabama Championship things 50% off. While we were looking Kaidence had a big spit up - like all over my arm, her leggings, and the floor. I was in the process of cleaning that up and she lets out the biggest, loudiest, nastiest souding toot I have ever heard. I almost fell in the floor laughing! Everyone was doubled over laughing, I couldn't breathe - ha! She is such a lady ;) {Of course she had a big suprise for me in her diaper when we got to the car!}
Saturday night Jon, our Pastor's son, came over and we played 'BAMAOPOLY'. I lost! :(
Sunday we went to church and then had pizza with our Pastor & family. They made homemade veggia pizza on wheat crust.! I loved it! It's something I'm going to start making to cut some calories!
After church last night we, of course, watched the Super Bowl.
I am so glad the Saints won! WHO DAT!!! And, my heart melted at the end of the game when Drew Brees was holding his son Baylen.
Is he not the most precious little lamb ever? I think I might have to work out some kind of marriage arrangement - ha! He just turned 1, so he's not too much too old. Baylen & Kaidence Brees! Cute, right? ;)
Today, we are just doing the normal Monday thing - cleaning! Kaidence has been pretty fussy because she was trying not to nap. She finally gave in and is napping in her swing now.
She did play in her entertainer while I did dishes. She is getting so good at grabbing things and figuring out things. It makes me proud when she does stuff.

Y'all have a great Monday!