Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sick & Possibly Snow{long post with lots of pictures}

Tuesday afternoon I started feeling really yucky. I didn't know what was wrong, but I knew something was up. I made myself stay awake to watch 'This Is It' with Josh, but I could have totally went to bed at 6:00pm! When we finally went to bed, I couldn't sleep. I would fall asleep and then wake up feeling horrible.
I always get up with Josh at 5:30 am and fix him breakfast before he goes to work. I got up Wednesday morning and told Josh I thought I was getting a bug. And, sure enough before he left at 6:00 it became official. I.WAS.SICK!
I literally couldn't drink water without getting sick. I had to call our Pastor's wife so she could watch Kaidence because I was so weak and I did not want my precious girl getting that sick!
Yesterday afternoon around 5:00 I was feeling 100% again. It was totally crazy because it didn't last 24 hours like most viruses do and Josh nor Kaidence got sick .. at all! I am very thankful for that, though.
Miss K had tons of fun with Paps & Wesa yesterday though. They don't have any grandchildren yet, but they consider K their "adopted grandgirl". They spoil her and she loves it!
{She takes a minute to warm up to Paps because he has a mustache & she's not use to that!}
Josh picked up her after he got off work. And, she was happy to see her Mommy!
Today it is FR.EEEEE.ZING! It has actually started sleeting here, too. I am so excited! I want it to snow so bad! It hasn't snowed in Alabama since the early 90s. I think 94?
Tomorrow we're suppose to go to Winter Jam {Third Day, Newsong, News Boys, Tenth Avenue North, Fireflight, Sidewalk Prophets, Revive, Robert Pierre, Tony Nolan} I am super excited. But, I do not want to stand outside in the cold for 3+ hours. ICK! I am going to pile on the layers and bring a blanket - ha! Kaidence will not be going this year. She "went" last year & I was for sure my little peanut was going to be birthed right there during the concert. It was that loud.
Nana & Aunt Amy are coming down tomorrow, too. They are going to keep Kaidence after she goes to see Paps & Wesa. Saturday we have a small Valentine's Banquet at church. We don't have any plan for Valentine's Day. Last year Josh suprised me with a limo pick-up at some random mall. Then, we went to hibatchi at Jia's in the Beau Rivage. After that, we saw David Cook in concert. He also suprised me with a super nice suite. It was beautiful! {Funny story: Josh was 20 at the time & I was pregnant...they gave us a bottle of champagne! ha! We flushed it down the toilet after Josh tried it because he said it was nasty! When we got home & googled it, it was actually very expensive!} It was a lot of fun. We decided not to do anything this year because Josh's going to be in two weddings, Me & K are in one, and we're going back to Anniston this summer.
Hope you all have a great Thursday! And, cross your fingers that we get some SNOW!


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