Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Recap

Friday was very low key. I finally calmed Miss Priss down with a warm bath and gum rubbing. I put her in her pajamas before 5 pm. I was tired, she was tired, and we both needed a break! After Josh got home we rode with him to Sears, then came back home and just relaxed. It was a nice quite time.
Saturday we had a wonderful girls day! Me, Kaidence, Mrs Lesia, Le'Anne, Brandy, & Jessalynn went to Chili's for lunch. It was so yummy, too! Kaidence was so good. I was very glad because she had been having a rough morning because we missed her morning nap. After lunch we went to the mall and had some Starbucks. I had a white chocolate frapp - it was delicious. Especially since it had lots & lots of sugar - ha!
Kaidence wore one of her Valentine's outfits Saturday, too. I think she looked super cute in her hearts!
We didn't get home until after 5 pm - ha! We were having a good time walking around and cutting up we didn't realize how late it was. When we were leaving we stopped by Books A Million in the mall because they had Alabama Championship things 50% off. While we were looking Kaidence had a big spit up - like all over my arm, her leggings, and the floor. I was in the process of cleaning that up and she lets out the biggest, loudiest, nastiest souding toot I have ever heard. I almost fell in the floor laughing! Everyone was doubled over laughing, I couldn't breathe - ha! She is such a lady ;) {Of course she had a big suprise for me in her diaper when we got to the car!}
Saturday night Jon, our Pastor's son, came over and we played 'BAMAOPOLY'. I lost! :(
Sunday we went to church and then had pizza with our Pastor & family. They made homemade veggia pizza on wheat crust.! I loved it! It's something I'm going to start making to cut some calories!
After church last night we, of course, watched the Super Bowl.
I am so glad the Saints won! WHO DAT!!! And, my heart melted at the end of the game when Drew Brees was holding his son Baylen.
Is he not the most precious little lamb ever? I think I might have to work out some kind of marriage arrangement - ha! He just turned 1, so he's not too much too old. Baylen & Kaidence Brees! Cute, right? ;)
Today, we are just doing the normal Monday thing - cleaning! Kaidence has been pretty fussy because she was trying not to nap. She finally gave in and is napping in her swing now.
She did play in her entertainer while I did dishes. She is getting so good at grabbing things and figuring out things. It makes me proud when she does stuff.

Y'all have a great Monday!


Elizabeth said...

Soundsl ike you had a great weekend with your little angle!! Time flies when your having fun!

Annie said...

lol...glad to hear that K was such a lady at the book store :)

sounds like a good weekend!!