Friday, February 5, 2010

Little Toofie; Big Issues.

It's been a few days. But, I have a very good excuse. A teething baby!
She has been cutting this same tooth for 3+ weeks. But, this week, it has been a different story! She is ill & sleepless, extra slobbery, ill & sleepless, alwaysgymming on something, severely constipated, ill& sleepless. I am so ready for this little aggrivating thing to break through!!!
Speaking of being ill & sleepless. That's an understatement. She is so tired at times, but I think that darn tooth is keeping her awake because it's aggrivating her. She gets so restless that nothing pleases her. Even Praise Baby!
I'm trying to stay positive because I know this won't last forever. But, it is draining! Even though Kaidence hasn't been in the best of moods she has perfected the 'Stanky Leg' dance - ha! And, she has started trying to "eat" our kisses. It's so funny! You have to watch outh though because sometimes she tries to give me a little slobber & tongue - ha!
We also finally decided on an entertainer for her.
We got the Baby Einstein because it had the best safety reviews! And, best personal reviews. Kaidence is very happy with our decision, too! She loves playing in her jumper. It has a frog on it & they are officially BFF!
We don't have anything planned this weekend because Josh is still on his 7/12's. So, it's going to be me & my girl just watching movies. Possibly having a photo shoo with a cute new outfit - if she cooperates! I also really need to find her a dedication dress and decide when we're doing her dedication for sure.
Speaking of movies, everyone needs to see UP! It's great. Josh & I watched it last night after K went to sleep. It is one of my favorite Disney-Pixar cartoons!

***If anyone has any suggestions on how to "help the hurt" PLEASE let me know!


Elizabeth said...

Oh, I hope your little one starts to feel better. Wish I could give you some advise, but I have no knowledge about that subject! Have a nice weekend!! :-)

Annie said...

Oh man...I wish that I could tell you that it gets better after the 1st one, but it doesnt! Blake is working on number 6 and 7 and it is SO hard on him.

Poor babies (and mommies :))

Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too said...

Aww poor thing! The only thing that works for R is I get baby wash cloths, run them under water, roll them into stick shapes and freeze them!

Jayme said...

We have the same entertainer! My boys like to chew on burp cloths when they're teething

Juliana said...

Actually they have chamomille teething tablets that work soooo well. I actually have a ton of teething me if you need anything else.

I am a new follower from the ff list ...follow back if you would like.

E. Williamson said...

Hey there... here are some of the things we have found to work for teething. I Like a lot of options so I figured I would share them all... ya never know what works and it's nice to be able to move to something else.

1- Hylands Teething Tablets. They are all natural and they work INSTANTLY. You can give as many as you need to.

2- We got a clean baby sock, wet it and froze it. It works OK and Kyah really seems to enjoy playing with it too.

3- Motrin

4-You know those mesh feeders for babies.... get one of those, put crushed ice in it and hand it over. It's Kyah's fave.

5- We just bought him Sophie the Giraffe and he LOVES LOVES LOVES to chew it. It seems very soothing to him. Its worth every penny! (promise).

6- If he is really fussy, a nice bath works wonders for him. Seems to relax him and take his mind off of it.

As for the jumper, that's the one we have and I wouldn't trade it for anything. He loves it, we love it and it works great. I like that it's "storable" too! :)

Mom et al said...

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