Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fat Thursday?

Just wanted to share this little 'funny'!
Today me & K went to the grocery store. We have a "special friend" who works there and he hasn't seen us in a while. He was SUPER excited when he saw us in the parking lot. He came up to the car & was looking at Kaidence while I got her buggy cover. He asked how old she was and I told him almost 5 months. He said "She must like to eat!" ha! Poor child. Everybody use to talk about how small she was, now everybody talks about how chunky she is! I love her chunky little rolls though :)
She rode in the buggy for the first time today, too. She did really good for about 5 minutes, then she got lazy/tired and started falling over. So, I took her Bun-A & let her lay her head on it. She was having the best time playing with my cell phone, chillin' in the buggy!

Yes, Food World definitely has 'WHO DAT' chips. ha! I love it! :)
And, since I didn't celebrate 'Fat Tuesday' I had my own little 'Fat Thursday'
Let me tell you, they were great! And, I may have had 3 of them. I could have ate all 6, but I do have some self control!
{Sorry for the bad picture quality, they are from my ghetto cellphone!}

Tomorrow, my mom & sister are coming down. And, Saturday we have a birthday party. We should have another fun weekend :)

Of course, I couldn't post without including a picture of Miss K! :)
{She kept trying to get her spoon to feedherself, so I let her. :) She was SUCH a mess, but had fun!}
And, these legs...
I just want to SQUEEZE them!


Caroline said...

those are the cutest legs I have ever seen. She is a doll. I would love some of those rolls too!

zookeeperjess said...

Look at those chubby adorable legs! Messy babies are so cute :)

There is an award for you on my blog! :)

Annie said...

omg....those little baby rolls couldn't get ANY cuter!!

Elizabeth said...

I love her little legs! so sweet!!! :-)