Monday, February 1, 2010

Our Weekend

I already posted about our Shopping Saturday. When we finally got back home Josh was already off work. So, I cooked some more tomato basil soup and we just relaxed!
Sunday, we got up early and I fixed everyone a big breakfast. Eggs, grits, Conecuh sausage, & bacon. It was yummy! :) Then, we went to church. Kaidence wore a super cute new outfit from her Nana.
After church we had lunch here and then Nana & Aunt Amy went back home. Kaidence was refusing naps, of course. So, Josh put her in the snugli until she got hungry. Then, she had a 'milk coma'
It is the funniest thing. She drinks her bottle so fast and then she's like in a daze and she just passes out.
Today, Josh is at work so me & K have just been relaxing so far.
We got all dolled up to go to CVS -ha!
Now, she is watching Arthur and swinging. I am going to work on some Valentine's Day Card and then clean the house because we have someone coming to look at the stove & dishwasher we put on craigslist.
I also have to clean my yard - uh! We have the worse neighbors, ever. I promise they are really bad. They let their mutt-dogs run all through the neighbor and they have got into someone's trash can.
They now have chewed up diapers in 4 different yards. Including mine!
(these are not K's diapers because we don't use that, another babies POOP!)
Not to mention the big huge piles of poop on our sidewalk, driveway, and all in the yard. I am so sick of it! Get a fence or keep them inside - geez!


Molly said...

Oh my, I just LOVE all her cute outfits. The sunglasses are so adorable!

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like a wonderful breakfast! :-) And the outfits..super cute!

Annie said...

you have to be kidding me?!!? your neighbors let their dogs poo all over your SIDEWALK?!? SO nasty!!

Jessi said...

The neighbors dogs would drive me nuts! Totally rude for them to just let them roam and terrorize peoples yards!

Kaidence's glasses are so dang adorable!