Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dream Park

Last Monday, KK went to the dream park for the very first time.
She loves the local park in our town, so I knew she would probably like it..and she did :)
The only thing she didn't like was sitting on the edge of the bricks in front of the fountain.
But, she looked SO cute!
The first item on the agenda was her personal favorite..
the swings! 
Cousin Wendy was even nice enough to swing with her on the super cool, over-sized swing.
Then, she did a little plowing in the fields.. 
She worked on her walking some, too. 
She did go down a few slides, but slide pictures are not easy to get with a feisty little lady! :)
Then we all headed home.
But, not before posing for a silly picture with Aunt Amy, Cousin Wendy, & Cousin Savannah. 

Monday, November 29, 2010

14 Months Old

Kaidence, you turned 14 months old on the 20th!
All months seem to go by fast now, but this past month was super-duper fast!

You still wear the same sizes in everything
{12-24 month clothes, 4-5 shoes, 4 diapers}
You have 12 teeth. You have all 4 of your molars already.
You have the most loving personality!
You see something or somebody and say "AW!" and you always give your babies a little squeeze :) 
You also have a little temper!
You will throw stuff out of your way, slam your cup in the floor and pitch a fit when you get upset.
It's not fun, especially in public.
You love to watch people and learn so fast!
You have just learned to say "GO!" when I count "1, 2, 3" - it's precious! :)  
You are still a great sleeper as long as we are at home.
Your hair is starting to grow and that makes me so happy!-except you are getting a little mullet and Daddy doesn't want to cut it-ha!
You have stopped crawling and have started full-time scooting on your bottom.
It looks super silly, but you are so fast!
You probably could walk, but choose to monkey-it around.

Happy 14 Months, KK!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

check, check

I just wanted to check in. :)
We are out of town visiting family for Thanksgiving!
A lot of fun stuff is happening...
K turned 14 months
went to the Dream Park for the first time
we got a new holiday blog design
and, today we are going to see whether or not K will have a new boy cousin or girl cousin :)
So, lots of posts coming soon!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Our Day

...in cell phone pictures!

I was in such a rush this morning, that I walked out with out my beloved camera! :(
That's why we present you with lovely too dark camera photos of our day!

K started out the day cheerful about going to the park with her friend Katie-Beth.
She even gave herself some kisses in the mirror. 
Once we got in the car, she drank all her juice in .0000001 seconds & then got super-d-duper ill.
About 2 minutes before we got to McD's for lunch she fell asleep. 
After she ate an entire nugget meal she was back to her happy self.
We got to the park & she was in the best mood!
We tried out the big swings for the first time, ever!
She was a fan! :)  
The ride home was much like the ride there..
She does not like being held in one place for too long.
After she played in her crib for about 30 minutes, she finally took a little nap & woke up feeling sassy! 
She wanted to help me cook, but we already had one accident with hot stuff.
So, I had to resort to a few M&Ms to keep her occupied.
She didn't mind... 

Have a fantastic Friday! :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Two of my Favorite Things...

Christmas and free stuff!

Ni Hao Y'all

Check out Ni Hao Y'all for 30 Days of Christmas Giveaways!

Help Pick K's Outfit

I wrote the post about Shutterfly's Christmas cards, and for that we received 50 free Christmas cards!
Therefore, we need to have some cute pictures made for them.
That's where you, our lovely followers, come into the game! :)

Kaidence has a lot of Christmas outfits, we are trying to do the 25 Days of Christmas again this year!
I have narrowed the choices down, but I can't decide 100%.

Here is my #1 pick:

Her dress is a little different, the reindeer isn't as big and it doesn't have the bow.
Josh & I would wear solid colors.
He would wear either black or brown shirt with jeans
I would wear a red shirt with a black or brown cardigan and jeans.

Option #2:
{of course this is not Kaidence! I got the outfit from the fabulous SweetBabyTutu on Facebook.}
This outfit is super cute and playful.
The only thing, Josh refuses to wear red or green, so he would be wearing black.
I don't think that would look too bad, though.

Option #3: 
{Outfit from Curls and Twirls Smocked Boutique on Facebook.}
This is just a simple ornament romper.
She would, of course, wear a long sleeved shirt under it.

Option #4: 
Another simple dress.
She would just wear it with nothing under it.

Option #5: 
Simple Santa smocked bishop.

Gingerbread jumper with M2M bow.

We really want Kaidence to be the center of the picture.
We would wear solid color tops & more than likely jeans.
Your input is required welcomed! ;)

Friday, November 5, 2010

13 Months Old

Kaidence - you are 13 months old!
{almost 14, because Mommy is wayyyy behind on this post!}

You are such a fun little girl! You have a BIG personality, and love to make people laugh!
You then love to copy-cat and fake laugh! ha!
You are such a silly little girl! And, as you can tell from your picture, you have the biggest, cheesiest grin ever! It's precious though! :) 
You are a very, very busy girl! You are always on the move!
You still don't walk by yourself, but you can. I just think you are quite "confident" enough yet.
You still do that funky one-legged crawl, but you are super fast!
You can even stand up without pulling up on anything, you must have some super strong leg muscles because you are a chunky girl! 
You weigh 24 pounds, and I'm not sure how tall you are.
I do know you have the shortest little legs! You have a long torso and short legs just like your Daddy! :)
You are wearing mostly 18 month clothes.
Size 4 diapers.
Size 5 shoes. 
And, a hair bow everyday still ;)
You love to clap and sing songs.
I love to listen to you when we ride. You just hum and bob your head around to the music!
You also love to dance! I'm not quite sure where you learned it, but you can get down-ha! 
You love to talk, too!
You are always jibbering about something!
You can say "DaDa", "Mom-ma", "HI!", "Bye", "NO!!", "STOP!", "HUH?", "Hey", "YEAH!!", "all" {aka ball}, and some others I just can't remember right now!
*And, I'm sure you can tell I love that you say those words that are bold!-ha!*
You are still a good eater.
You have developed a serious hate for all things slimy!
You take 2% milk when you first wake up and right before bed.
We love you, Sweet Girl!
It's so hard to believe you are almost 14 months old! It doesn't seem real!

And, a picture just for fun.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Excellent Products to checkout from Shutterfly!

I love taking pictures of Kaidence, as you can tell. The only bad thing, I rarely get them printed because it is such a hassle. But, since I have discovered how easy it is to upload & print from shutterfly, I have been printing out most all of her pictures. Not only is their upload process super easy and fast, the quality of the prints is amazing!
I have never used shutterfly for Christmas cards, but I do plan to this year.
I mean, check out how cute some of these designs are:
I think the "story card" is something we are going to do this year, so everyone will know what we have been doing throughout the year.
I like this style, as well, since I love pictures and every Southern girl loves a monogram!  
And, here's another bright and cheerful "story card" that I think is too precious! 
{all pictures from shutterfly.com}

I don't know about you, but I sometimes have a hard time finding things for the Grandparents in our family.
I think a calendar would make a perfect gift. You could completely customize it for that special someone, and not break your bank!

If you are looking for good quality, low cost picture ideas check out shutterfly.
Based on the experience I have had, their have excellent customer service and their prices are great as well!

Fall Fun at Creola Assembly of God

We had such a busy weekend, as you can tell from all the posts!
Sunday night Josh's band was playing at a Fall Carnival, and we decided to go instead of trick-or-treating.
Since Kaidence took her pig costume literal, and ruined it with leaves/mud/stains we had to resort to our "back up" costume.
I had bought this lady bug costume before her Birthday and luckily I still had it buried in her closet.
Here is the lady bug & her daddy.
We didn't put anything on her face, it's just red because it was that frappin' hot outside!
KK absolutely loves being around people!
She loves to just sit and watch them, but she doesn't want them coming too close! 
We got there super early, so she just hung out with "the guys" before the show!
She loves being around anybody that plays with her and/or has food.
They had both; so she was set! :) 
They had 2 big bounce houses.
She kept crawling over to them, so I let her jump on the end of it. She absolutely had a ball!
I decided to let an older kid take her through when it was empty ... FAIL!
Home girl flipped out!
I had to crawl through this little obstacle course to rescue my little diva girl! 
After the show, my sweet husband decided to take us on a "family date"
He picked one of my favorites... 
Kaidence was good until the very end of dinner when she ripped the table clothe, through her cup across the room, and started flopping her body around to get in the floor!
I quickly decided to take her outside before I died from embarrassment.

We had a great time even though we didn't go trick-or-treating! :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

K's new ride...