Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Help Pick K's Outfit

I wrote the post about Shutterfly's Christmas cards, and for that we received 50 free Christmas cards!
Therefore, we need to have some cute pictures made for them.
That's where you, our lovely followers, come into the game! :)

Kaidence has a lot of Christmas outfits, we are trying to do the 25 Days of Christmas again this year!
I have narrowed the choices down, but I can't decide 100%.

Here is my #1 pick:

Her dress is a little different, the reindeer isn't as big and it doesn't have the bow.
Josh & I would wear solid colors.
He would wear either black or brown shirt with jeans
I would wear a red shirt with a black or brown cardigan and jeans.

Option #2:
{of course this is not Kaidence! I got the outfit from the fabulous SweetBabyTutu on Facebook.}
This outfit is super cute and playful.
The only thing, Josh refuses to wear red or green, so he would be wearing black.
I don't think that would look too bad, though.

Option #3: 
{Outfit from Curls and Twirls Smocked Boutique on Facebook.}
This is just a simple ornament romper.
She would, of course, wear a long sleeved shirt under it.

Option #4: 
Another simple dress.
She would just wear it with nothing under it.

Option #5: 
Simple Santa smocked bishop.

Gingerbread jumper with M2M bow.

We really want Kaidence to be the center of the picture.
We would wear solid color tops & more than likely jeans.
Your input is required welcomed! ;)


Ashley said...

I love 2 and 5!!!! Can you do pics in more than one outfit? That way you can have more diverse pictures to choose from

Meant to be a mom said...

I like #5 the most but they are all cute :)

Annie said...

I agree...all super cute, but I think that my fav is #5!!

ashia said...

hey! thanks for following me!! our girls are SO close in age, that's awesome! :) i LOVE all of these christmas outfits!! what a hard decision! i need to cut myself off on christmas outfits. :( they are just so precious, i NEED to buy them. haha.

Shannon said...

I gotta go with #2 for the pic and #5 when she goes to visit Santa. The green will pop against Santa's red suit!

email me if you got some of those online... (shannonywebb@gmail.com)