Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dream Park

Last Monday, KK went to the dream park for the very first time.
She loves the local park in our town, so I knew she would probably like it..and she did :)
The only thing she didn't like was sitting on the edge of the bricks in front of the fountain.
But, she looked SO cute!
The first item on the agenda was her personal favorite..
the swings! 
Cousin Wendy was even nice enough to swing with her on the super cool, over-sized swing.
Then, she did a little plowing in the fields.. 
She worked on her walking some, too. 
She did go down a few slides, but slide pictures are not easy to get with a feisty little lady! :)
Then we all headed home.
But, not before posing for a silly picture with Aunt Amy, Cousin Wendy, & Cousin Savannah. 


Jillian said...

She is so cute!! Love these pictures!!

Annie said...

She's looking so old!!! Love that little shirt....what a doll!