Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall Fun at Creola Assembly of God

We had such a busy weekend, as you can tell from all the posts!
Sunday night Josh's band was playing at a Fall Carnival, and we decided to go instead of trick-or-treating.
Since Kaidence took her pig costume literal, and ruined it with leaves/mud/stains we had to resort to our "back up" costume.
I had bought this lady bug costume before her Birthday and luckily I still had it buried in her closet.
Here is the lady bug & her daddy.
We didn't put anything on her face, it's just red because it was that frappin' hot outside!
KK absolutely loves being around people!
She loves to just sit and watch them, but she doesn't want them coming too close! 
We got there super early, so she just hung out with "the guys" before the show!
She loves being around anybody that plays with her and/or has food.
They had both; so she was set! :) 
They had 2 big bounce houses.
She kept crawling over to them, so I let her jump on the end of it. She absolutely had a ball!
I decided to let an older kid take her through when it was empty ... FAIL!
Home girl flipped out!
I had to crawl through this little obstacle course to rescue my little diva girl! 
After the show, my sweet husband decided to take us on a "family date"
He picked one of my favorites... 
Kaidence was good until the very end of dinner when she ripped the table clothe, through her cup across the room, and started flopping her body around to get in the floor!
I quickly decided to take her outside before I died from embarrassment.

We had a great time even though we didn't go trick-or-treating! :)

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