Friday, November 5, 2010

13 Months Old

Kaidence - you are 13 months old!
{almost 14, because Mommy is wayyyy behind on this post!}

You are such a fun little girl! You have a BIG personality, and love to make people laugh!
You then love to copy-cat and fake laugh! ha!
You are such a silly little girl! And, as you can tell from your picture, you have the biggest, cheesiest grin ever! It's precious though! :) 
You are a very, very busy girl! You are always on the move!
You still don't walk by yourself, but you can. I just think you are quite "confident" enough yet.
You still do that funky one-legged crawl, but you are super fast!
You can even stand up without pulling up on anything, you must have some super strong leg muscles because you are a chunky girl! 
You weigh 24 pounds, and I'm not sure how tall you are.
I do know you have the shortest little legs! You have a long torso and short legs just like your Daddy! :)
You are wearing mostly 18 month clothes.
Size 4 diapers.
Size 5 shoes. 
And, a hair bow everyday still ;)
You love to clap and sing songs.
I love to listen to you when we ride. You just hum and bob your head around to the music!
You also love to dance! I'm not quite sure where you learned it, but you can get down-ha! 
You love to talk, too!
You are always jibbering about something!
You can say "DaDa", "Mom-ma", "HI!", "Bye", "NO!!", "STOP!", "HUH?", "Hey", "YEAH!!", "all" {aka ball}, and some others I just can't remember right now!
*And, I'm sure you can tell I love that you say those words that are bold!-ha!*
You are still a good eater.
You have developed a serious hate for all things slimy!
You take 2% milk when you first wake up and right before bed.
We love you, Sweet Girl!
It's so hard to believe you are almost 14 months old! It doesn't seem real!

And, a picture just for fun.


Ms. J said...

That first picture is so perfect!

The Branches said...

She is so cute and they do grow up SO fast! I love her outfit and all the hair bows :)

Brandi said...

LOVELOVE the first picture!! Too cute!!! Happy 13 months!!!!

Ashley said...

She is sooooo ADORABLE!!!