Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Meal Plan

I think since I'm doing WW now, on Monday's I'm going to post what WW meals we're having throughout the week and their points.
I think it's a fun way to learn new recipes, especially WW friendly recipes.
So, if you have any and post them on your blog leave me a link!

Monday:Ruby Tuesday's{salad bar, baked tilapia, and baked zucchini squash}

General Tso's Chicken with rice and stir-fry veggies{zucchini, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions}
7 points.

5 points.

9.5 points.

6 points.

Baked Tilapia & American Potato Salad
6 points.

4 points.

*All recipes are from Weight Watchers and

If you have links to any other yummy meals, leave them too :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturdy Morning Scene

I decided to link up with Katie from Loves of Life for Saturday Morning Scene.
I know I'm super, duper late. Sorry!
This morning we went to Dauphin Island to have some fun in the sun!



And, after 2+ hours in the sun..naps were taken by all!

Saturday Morning Scene

18 Month Stats

Since Kaidence didn't have her appointment when I wrote her 18 month post, I'm just going to post them here for my memory :)

Weight - 28 pounds, 90%
Height - 32 inches, 55%
Head - 50 cm, off the charts!

As I mention with every stat update, her head is always off the charts.
This is only her 2nd check up with Dr. Cepeda, but he remember her "large head".
When he looked at the measurements today, though, he told me we needed to come back in 3 months to get remeasured because it was way, way off the charts and even bigger than before.
He didn't seem too worried, just wanted to do it for safety precautions.
I'm not too worried eiter, because Josh has a melon head and my head isn't the smallest-ha!

Pictures from our beach trip today to come! 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Weight Watchers

I decided randomly last night to join Weight Watchers
I had been thinking about joining, but when I saw I earned $7 through my wonderful, magnificent e-bates and they were running a special for 2 weeks free, I jumped on it!
I somewhat did WW before, and had good results. I didn't stick with it, because I didn't have money invested-ha!
It was my sister's and I just borrowed her books. I plan to do it the full 3 months I paid for, because of just that..I paid for it!

I might start blogging my results every week just to be held accountable.
I haven't decided yet.
I have lost about 10 lbs since February.
I was dieting, but had to stop due to some personal things. I had only lost about 5lbs, but since I have been off my diet, I have lost 5 more. I'm not quite sure. But, I will take it-ha!

Here's my question to you ladies(and gentlemen?).
Have y'all tried the new Weight Watchers?
They have a new PointsPlus Program, I'm excited to try it out.
If you have tried it..
Do you love it? Hate it?
Have you noticed faster weight loss? Slower loss? Or, about the same?

I hope to get lots of WW buddies from this! :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Where it pays to shop online!

I posted before about how much I love daily deal sites, like zulily!
I seriously check the website every.single.morning. and always find tons of great deals!
Once you become a member, you can refer your friends and after their first purchase you can get $15..just follow my link to sign up, then invite your friends to earn yourself some $$$.

In the previous post, I forgot to mention the greatness of E-BATES!
They seriously have hundreds of websites where you can earn cash back from your purchase.
On zulily orders it is currently 3.5%, that adds up!
Some of the stores include Wal-Mart, TOMs, Zulily, Groupon, eBay, etc.,
They also have double cash back right now DSW, Nordstrom, J.Crew, and several others are included!

I look at it as I'm getting paid to shop :)
That makes me feel good. Even Josh likes when I find a store on e-bates-ha! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday.


{P.S. - We have got a little blog face lift! The fabulous Shannon from Sweet Bean Co worked her magic and made us this super fun Spring/Summer design. I just love it, and it makes me even more ready for more beach days! :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

18 Months Old

Kaidence, you are eighteen months old!
I feel pretty much like the worse mom ever because I never wrote out K's 17 month post.
So, I decided I better sit down and write this out while she was asleep so I would have time!

We will find out Friday at your well baby check-up on Friday.
Skills:You are a talking machine. Online websites have that 12 is the average amount of words an 18 month old should know, Daddy & I counted 30-35 that you know. I am proud!
You are also a running machine. You love to run and swing you little arms as fast as you can!
You have mastered shutting doors. This makes me so proud because I hate for people to leave doors open, and your Daddy is the worst about doing it-ha!
You could be a professional climber. You love it and I find you on top of random things all the time.
You also love to wedge yourself in the tiniest little places. Your favorite is a baking dish! You always drag it out and sit in it to have your afternoon snack.
You are wearing mainly 24 month. You need them for the waist size, you could probably do 12-18 month for length because your shorts are capris and capris are pants!
You wear a size 4 or 5 diaper.
You wear a size 5 or 6 shoe.
You are such a people person! You love to be funny and make people life.
This is cute now, but I have a feeling in a few years when you are the class clown it won't be-ha!
You have stopped crying when you go to the nursery at church, as long as your favorite worker is there. I sometimes wish I could be a fly on the wall to see what tricks you pull for her to always spoil you and carry you around-ha!
You are still obsessed with dogs! You bark every time you see one. And, last night on the way home from church you kept yelling "MOMMA!MOMMA!", so I turned on the light to see what you wanted and you started jibbering, then all of a sudden pointed your finger out the window and started barking, and then busted out laughing! I guess you were telling me a funny story about seeing a dog?! :)
You now know my name. It started Saturday at BRU, but anytime I ask you "What's my name?" You says "Asheys". I don't like it, but I can't help but laugh at your little country accent!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Our Weekend

I haven't done a weekend recap in quite some time, but I decided to do one today because we actually did fun stuff this weekend!
Josh was off, so he went deep sea fishing while us girls stayed home and ordered all the goodies for Kaidence's room.
After lunch we headed into Mobile to go to the boat show with Mason, Mary Beth, and Gage.
Of course, since we went to a boat show, K had to match with her smocked sail boat outfit.
I didn't really get into all the boats. I mean, I would love to have one but looking at them does not excite me in the least bit!
Gage & Kaidence loved looking at them, too. And they loved to drive them!
After the guys finished  looking at all the boats, we went to watch the "Dixie Dock Diving" dogs!
This was by far the best thing to me.
We finished up our boating experience with some homemade vanilla pecan fudge. YUM!

When we left the show we took Kaidence to a friend's house because Josh & I had our first post-baby date.
Yep. First alone date since Kaidence was born...18 months ago!
We went to Blue Gill's across the bay, went shopping for Kaidence{FAIL!}, and ended our date with a stop by Chill.
We picked up KK and came home.

We got up early and went shopping with Nana, Aunt Amy, & Aunt Heather.
We came back home and Kaidence tried on her new Minnie ensemble.
Josh grilled steaks since everybody came down, and so I had to pick up these little pieces of heaven
After lunch we did some more shopping, and then went to hear Josh's band.

We became members at our new church.
And, our girl turned 18 months old. That's a year and a half, y'all! Which means in only 6 short months..she will be TWO!!!!!!!
We aren't radical on "going green", but something has to give with these gas prices!!!
So, we took matters into our own hands and went eco-friendly in our own way...
Of course, she had to have her morning cup of joe and cell phone incase she had a flat!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We sported our green today for St. Patty's Day.
During the girl's nap time, I made them "magical Cheerio" necklaces.
Also, while they were sleeping a little green Leprechaun left a few fun items in the yard for them.
So, of course, we had to have a treasure hunt to see what all he left the girls!
They both got a flower, a fake diamond, a pack of fruit snacks, and $5{that was confiscated during snack time. ha!}

Hope you all had a great day.
And, wore green so you didn't get pinched! :)

Room Idea #1

This is the bedding.
It is kind of plain and simple, but I love the fact it does not have 1.5 billion flowers on it..or the ever so popular Disney characters.
I think we would do a white bed instead, too.

Since the bedding is plain, I would love to do this print on the wall behind her bed.
{And, no this is not my child's nursery. I was searching for argyle patterns and forgot the link! :( So, if it is yours LET ME KNOW! I give credit where credit is due!!!}
And, above her bed in the center of the pattern I would put the big mirror with her monogram like I blogged about before.

On the other three walls, I think we will paint them gray. Maybe a darker gray then the bedding. Something like this.

Since the bedding is kind of plain, I think we will do some "sha-bam!" curtains and I plan to take down her 6 bow holders and get a HUGE antique frame to put them on.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kaidence's Big Girl Room.

We have decided to go ahead and start transitioning Kaidence into a toddler bed.
We are not going to use her crib, even though it does convert, because we don't see the point in having two cribs later.

I have been looking everywhere for non-pattern and non-cartoon bedding. I have found two that I like,{I will post them below}but I need more ideas. 

I really like this one. It's simply, but we can add more room decor to "spice it up"!
Her room is painting 3 walls chocolate brown and 1 wall lavender, so we would have to repaint it.
I think a similiar shade of gray on 3 walls, and then do a pink striped wall would be really cute.
{Pink striped wall would be same color pink, just one stripe matte and one stripe gloss}
I like this one too, and it comes in different colors.
I'm just not too sure how cool this would be because it's minky fabric.
Also, I'm not too sure how easy it is to clean?!

I want something different, but I can't figure out what I do want.
I know we will be doing a lot of DIY decor, including this super cute mirror with Kaidence's monogram on it!
{there's a lot of these on blogs, but this is from The Hardage House}

So, know of any super cute bedding?
Or, have any easy but cute DIY ideas?
Let me know! :)

We love SheShe!

I've done a post about SheSheMade before.
These ladies seriously have some of the cutest clothes, ever!
And, to make it better Ashley{aka SheShe} has an awesome name. ;)
On top of that, she is one of my favorite tweeting friends!

Megan is hosting a giveaway for $50 worth of SheShe clothing!!
Now, don't go enter this unless you want to give it to me & Kaidence to spend-ha! :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Cupcake Kind of Day.

Last night on Twitter a lot of people were talking about cupcakes, because DC Cupcakes was on TLC.
Well, with every tweet I read... I wanted cupcakes more and more!
Luckily we had a lunch date planned with the Starnes' family at Wings, so we would already be in Mobile.

After lunch and a quick trip to Guitar Center, we went to Twist Cupcakes and picked up these lovely creations..
I had the March flavor of the month, Irish Cream.
Josh had the German Chocolate
Kaidence had the banana moon pie.
{flavor for Mardi Gras}
It was a little too big for her, so we all three had this one ;)

And, since this little cutie hasn't made an appearance lately, I figured she needed her time to shine! :)
I took this Sunday morning before church.
 I thought her smocked barnyard romper was precious, she must not have thought so because when we picked her up from nursery she was in a ratty-tatty yellow dress that the worker's keep in the nursery.
I asked what happened and they said she either tee-teed or spilled her juice.
Also, she painted herself with paint instead of painting her apple tree!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Online Shopping 101

It's no secret, I love to shop.
I especially love to shop for Kaidence!
I do a lot of shopping through Boutique's on Facebook, but I have recently started using some daily deal sites.
I was a little skeptical at first, but I searched for each product on amazon and it is always cheaper on these sites!

First up, the amazing zulily! It is truly one of my favorites because they tons of variety on there.

Next, is totsy. They usually have really good shoes and clothes for little one's.

This next one is good for different regions. I get the Birmingham, Montgomery, and Mobile one. You don't have to live in the city to get it, and somethings you can even redeem online! It's groupon.

I just recently signed up for Plum District. They also offer you guys money if you sign up, through my link, $5! And, you can't beat free money! ;)

Happy Online Shopping, Friends! :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fairhope Fun.

Since Kaidence suggested I blog, I guess I better ;)

The weekend before Valentine's Day, we took the girls on a fun day out.
We went to look at dogs, had lunch, went to Bass Pro, and then went to the Park in Fairhope.
We took tons of pictures of Kaidence & Addison because I needed a good one for their nursery teacher's Valentine gift.
Then, everybody but Addison got on the swings for a little while.
{she is deathly afraid of all swings?}
We noticed a little bridge up the trail, so we decided to go check it out, and we found tons of loud, squawking ducks and geese!
And, can you guess which of the two girls decided to chase these loud animals?
Of course, it was my Delicate Flower of a child-ha! :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

"Whaaaa? My momma still hasn't blogged about our trip to Fairhope, Valentine's Day, or my 17 Monthday?!?!?!?!"