Monday, March 21, 2011

Our Weekend

I haven't done a weekend recap in quite some time, but I decided to do one today because we actually did fun stuff this weekend!
Josh was off, so he went deep sea fishing while us girls stayed home and ordered all the goodies for Kaidence's room.
After lunch we headed into Mobile to go to the boat show with Mason, Mary Beth, and Gage.
Of course, since we went to a boat show, K had to match with her smocked sail boat outfit.
I didn't really get into all the boats. I mean, I would love to have one but looking at them does not excite me in the least bit!
Gage & Kaidence loved looking at them, too. And they loved to drive them!
After the guys finished  looking at all the boats, we went to watch the "Dixie Dock Diving" dogs!
This was by far the best thing to me.
We finished up our boating experience with some homemade vanilla pecan fudge. YUM!

When we left the show we took Kaidence to a friend's house because Josh & I had our first post-baby date.
Yep. First alone date since Kaidence was born...18 months ago!
We went to Blue Gill's across the bay, went shopping for Kaidence{FAIL!}, and ended our date with a stop by Chill.
We picked up KK and came home.

We got up early and went shopping with Nana, Aunt Amy, & Aunt Heather.
We came back home and Kaidence tried on her new Minnie ensemble.
Josh grilled steaks since everybody came down, and so I had to pick up these little pieces of heaven
After lunch we did some more shopping, and then went to hear Josh's band.

We became members at our new church.
And, our girl turned 18 months old. That's a year and a half, y'all! Which means in only 6 short months..she will be TWO!!!!!!!
We aren't radical on "going green", but something has to give with these gas prices!!!
So, we took matters into our own hands and went eco-friendly in our own way...
Of course, she had to have her morning cup of joe and cell phone incase she had a flat!


Stephanie said...

Love the sailboat dress. Very cute!

Ashley said...

I can't believe that it was the first night out since K was born! Not even for v-day or anniversary?? Well... Glad you had a good time ;)