Tuesday, March 22, 2011

18 Months Old

Kaidence, you are eighteen months old!
I feel pretty much like the worse mom ever because I never wrote out K's 17 month post.
So, I decided I better sit down and write this out while she was asleep so I would have time!

We will find out Friday at your well baby check-up on Friday.
Skills:You are a talking machine. Online websites have that 12 is the average amount of words an 18 month old should know, Daddy & I counted 30-35 that you know. I am proud!
You are also a running machine. You love to run and swing you little arms as fast as you can!
You have mastered shutting doors. This makes me so proud because I hate for people to leave doors open, and your Daddy is the worst about doing it-ha!
You could be a professional climber. You love it and I find you on top of random things all the time.
You also love to wedge yourself in the tiniest little places. Your favorite is a baking dish! You always drag it out and sit in it to have your afternoon snack.
You are wearing mainly 24 month. You need them for the waist size, you could probably do 12-18 month for length because your shorts are capris and capris are pants!
You wear a size 4 or 5 diaper.
You wear a size 5 or 6 shoe.
You are such a people person! You love to be funny and make people life.
This is cute now, but I have a feeling in a few years when you are the class clown it won't be-ha!
You have stopped crying when you go to the nursery at church, as long as your favorite worker is there. I sometimes wish I could be a fly on the wall to see what tricks you pull for her to always spoil you and carry you around-ha!
You are still obsessed with dogs! You bark every time you see one. And, last night on the way home from church you kept yelling "MOMMA!MOMMA!", so I turned on the light to see what you wanted and you started jibbering, then all of a sudden pointed your finger out the window and started barking, and then busted out laughing! I guess you were telling me a funny story about seeing a dog?! :)
You now know my name. It started Saturday at BRU, but anytime I ask you "What's my name?" You says "Asheys". I don't like it, but I can't help but laugh at your little country accent!


Shannon said...

Aww, she's presh! I have a similar picture (posted yesterday) of Sweet Bean and her daddy in Fairhope by the pier!

Love the photo of her with her hands to her mouth!

Happy 18 months!


Sarah said...

love the pic of her laughing. Caleb makes the same face when he laughs

Annie said...

Happy 18 months K!! What a little beauty!!

LOVE that outfit!!