Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Cupcake Kind of Day.

Last night on Twitter a lot of people were talking about cupcakes, because DC Cupcakes was on TLC.
Well, with every tweet I read... I wanted cupcakes more and more!
Luckily we had a lunch date planned with the Starnes' family at Wings, so we would already be in Mobile.

After lunch and a quick trip to Guitar Center, we went to Twist Cupcakes and picked up these lovely creations..
I had the March flavor of the month, Irish Cream.
Josh had the German Chocolate
Kaidence had the banana moon pie.
{flavor for Mardi Gras}
It was a little too big for her, so we all three had this one ;)

And, since this little cutie hasn't made an appearance lately, I figured she needed her time to shine! :)
I took this Sunday morning before church.
 I thought her smocked barnyard romper was precious, she must not have thought so because when we picked her up from nursery she was in a ratty-tatty yellow dress that the worker's keep in the nursery.
I asked what happened and they said she either tee-teed or spilled her juice.
Also, she painted herself with paint instead of painting her apple tree!


Ashley said...

Those Cupcakes look Ah-Mazing!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Yummmers, I just love a good cupcake!

LeAnn said...

You won on my blog. Please check it out