Thursday, March 17, 2011

Room Idea #1

This is the bedding.
It is kind of plain and simple, but I love the fact it does not have 1.5 billion flowers on it..or the ever so popular Disney characters.
I think we would do a white bed instead, too.

Since the bedding is plain, I would love to do this print on the wall behind her bed.
{And, no this is not my child's nursery. I was searching for argyle patterns and forgot the link! :( So, if it is yours LET ME KNOW! I give credit where credit is due!!!}
And, above her bed in the center of the pattern I would put the big mirror with her monogram like I blogged about before.

On the other three walls, I think we will paint them gray. Maybe a darker gray then the bedding. Something like this.

Since the bedding is kind of plain, I think we will do some "sha-bam!" curtains and I plan to take down her 6 bow holders and get a HUGE antique frame to put them on.


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