Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fairhope Fun.

Since Kaidence suggested I blog, I guess I better ;)

The weekend before Valentine's Day, we took the girls on a fun day out.
We went to look at dogs, had lunch, went to Bass Pro, and then went to the Park in Fairhope.
We took tons of pictures of Kaidence & Addison because I needed a good one for their nursery teacher's Valentine gift.
Then, everybody but Addison got on the swings for a little while.
{she is deathly afraid of all swings?}
We noticed a little bridge up the trail, so we decided to go check it out, and we found tons of loud, squawking ducks and geese!
And, can you guess which of the two girls decided to chase these loud animals?
Of course, it was my Delicate Flower of a child-ha! :)


Ashley said...

I LOVE it! Hannah did the same exact thing at Animal Kingdom! How Funny!

Brandi said...

We went to Mobile this weekend for the prades but it got rained out so we drove through Fairhope and it was beautiful. Kaidence is getting os big. She is too cute.

Jessica said...

How cute!! I love her outfit!

Eva said...

how adorable! love all the pink :)

Amber said...

Love all of the pics, especially the last one :).