Monday, November 29, 2010

14 Months Old

Kaidence, you turned 14 months old on the 20th!
All months seem to go by fast now, but this past month was super-duper fast!

You still wear the same sizes in everything
{12-24 month clothes, 4-5 shoes, 4 diapers}
You have 12 teeth. You have all 4 of your molars already.
You have the most loving personality!
You see something or somebody and say "AW!" and you always give your babies a little squeeze :) 
You also have a little temper!
You will throw stuff out of your way, slam your cup in the floor and pitch a fit when you get upset.
It's not fun, especially in public.
You love to watch people and learn so fast!
You have just learned to say "GO!" when I count "1, 2, 3" - it's precious! :)  
You are still a great sleeper as long as we are at home.
Your hair is starting to grow and that makes me so happy!-except you are getting a little mullet and Daddy doesn't want to cut it-ha!
You have stopped crawling and have started full-time scooting on your bottom.
It looks super silly, but you are so fast!
You probably could walk, but choose to monkey-it around.

Happy 14 Months, KK!


Ashley said...

She is absolutely precious!

Shannon said...

Happy 14 months! It passes quickly doesn't it?! She's adorable! And as usual, love her outfits! Cute new seasonal design too!