Thursday, November 11, 2010

Our Day cell phone pictures!

I was in such a rush this morning, that I walked out with out my beloved camera! :(
That's why we present you with lovely too dark camera photos of our day!

K started out the day cheerful about going to the park with her friend Katie-Beth.
She even gave herself some kisses in the mirror. 
Once we got in the car, she drank all her juice in .0000001 seconds & then got super-d-duper ill.
About 2 minutes before we got to McD's for lunch she fell asleep. 
After she ate an entire nugget meal she was back to her happy self.
We got to the park & she was in the best mood!
We tried out the big swings for the first time, ever!
She was a fan! :)  
The ride home was much like the ride there..
She does not like being held in one place for too long.
After she played in her crib for about 30 minutes, she finally took a little nap & woke up feeling sassy! 
She wanted to help me cook, but we already had one accident with hot stuff.
So, I had to resort to a few M&Ms to keep her occupied.
She didn't mind... 

Have a fantastic Friday! :)


Ashley said...

What a fun little day!

Brandi said...

I hate when I leave the house without my camera! Thank goodness we have our phones!!!!

Sarah Ann said...

So super sweet :)

Anonymous said...

She is precious and it looks like yall had a fun day. I did notice that her carseat looks like it may have loosened up a bit (it is tilted) and her chest clip should be way up between her nipples & armpits to make sure that sweet baby stays safe! Hope it helps!