Thursday, October 6, 2011

Random Thoughts.

I haven't blogged or taken pictures in forever.
I'll make up for it this weekend when we go to the pumpkin patch, though.

This is all I got for now...a list.
  • Kaidence is growing super fast. Her vocab is growing daily, and she's almost 100% ready to PT.
  • Josh is anti-"girl salads". He is not a fan of a lot of mayo! This week I was tweeting about pimento cheese & someone mentioned pimento cheese with avacado-YUM! I made a quick grocery trip and made pimento cheese sandwich EVER! Complete with avacado and bacon.

  • I'm so glad Fall is here. I'm planning to wear boots & a scarf this weekend to celebrate.
  • We're going to rearrange K's playroom. It needs it in a bad way!! I'm also going to whip up some fun wall projects with my Cricut machine. I'm way too excited about this project-ha!
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  • Back to food. Yesterday I mentioned on twitter I wanted fried pickles. It started a pickle craving like woah. I decided to act upon my craving and fried my first fried pickles. They were delicious!
  • I try to dress K cute when we're in public, but let's get real here ... at home I'm lucky if she's wearing pants-ha! This is her in all her rattiness yesterday helping me "cook pickas"
{do yall think this picture is too edited? i have a free trial of light room and i'm loving it. ps-it's on my chirstmas wish list!}

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Brandi said...

OMG, love friend pickles!!!!!!!