Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Weekend

Friday -
We played around the house most of the day. Kaidence has become a pro at telling us what she doesn't like! Not cool. I hear "I don't yiiiiiiike it" more times than I can count these days.
That's another story for another day.
Friday afternoon we get dressed and headed to Aunt Peggy's house for a little Halloween Party. Kaidence had a blast! She got to help make cupcakes.
As you can see from the pictures she obviously believes in chef-tasting! 
She also enjoyed a cupcake ... or 3

Saturday -
We decided it was time to get a pumpkin. We'd already been to fall festivals, but they didn't have pumpkins for sale. We went to a local church, and they had tons of pumpkins spread out on the ground. Kaidence was in pumpkin heaven!
She loved this big, warty pumpkin! She tried to pick that big thing up-ha! 
She kissed more than I can count. Which is disgusting, I know, but pick your battles! 
Here she is loving on another warty one. I'm not sure why she's obsessed with warty pumpkins. 

I've mentioned in several posts that she loves to sing. Well, here is the proof!
Anything that might possibly resemble a microphone gets used as one. 
And then? She throws up her little hands and praises the Lord! 

As we were picking out her pumpkin she said "cheese" and I turned around and saw her posing like this. 

After the pumpkin patch we went to Target and Sonny's.

Sunday -
We planned to go to church, but over slept! So- we went grocery shopping instead. 


Jessica said...

Happy Halloween!I love her dress! She is adorable!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

she looks like she had so much fun!!!!! and that dress is way too cute!!