Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mini Mail

Kaidence loves to check the mail everyday. Loves it!
Most days she gets upset because there is nothing for her.
That's why when Meredith from the tichenor family. blogged about Itty Bitty Pen Pals, I knew I had to sign Kaidence up!

Kaidence got pair with Sweet Sophia from KY.
Her mommy doesn't have a blog, but trust me when I say she's the cutest little thing!
Kaidence was a little upset that she couldn't rip into the package right away-ha!
When she finally got into it, she was giddy with excitement. 
KK's loot- 
Of course she had to play/look at everything to make sure she approved. 
See that teddy bear?
She loves it! It has had dinner and bedtime with her. 
This is out of order for some reason.
But-she saw her purse and she was cheering "YAEY!!" 

So-thanks to Sophia and her mommy for all of Kaidence's great gifts!
She loved them!!


Perfectly Imperfect said...

this is such an awesome idea! i need to sign bg up!

Brandy said...

Miss Kaidence got some awesome stuff too. I'm so glad we did this, its been fun.

the tichenor family said...

Kaidence is a DOLL! She looks like she is loving her package-- makes me smile! Thanks so much for joining us in Mini Mail. My Carson is the same way with mail-- I can hand him a random magazine and he gets THRILLED so I knew this concept would be a big hit. Can't wait to see what November brings!!