Wednesday, July 27, 2011

22 Months Old

I say this in every post, and will probably continue to say it every MonthDay & Birthday!
My girl is growing up way too fast!!!!

You weigh 29 lbs, 6 oz
{As of Thursday July 21 when you went to Dr E}

You are obsessed with "boog-ahs!" It's a little nasty, but you want to make sure you don't have any extra little friends! ;)
You love to talk! You're getting much better with your speach, but sometimes you still ramble off in your own language!
You favorite word is "AINTS"! You see a bug and you yell "AINTS!" You sound like a country hick, but it's too cute!

You are equally a girly-girl and a tom-boy! You love to put on make up, bows, and jewelry..but, you don't mind playing in the mud or with choo-choos {Which is what you call any type of vehicle!}
You're still in love with "El-no", and you have started requesting "Boop-Boops"{Veggie Tales. She calls it that because of the song} and "Do-Do" {Dora.}

You aren't potty trained, but have a sick obsession with saying "Pee Pee" and "Poo Poo".
You even call meats and refried beans "poo poo", but that doesn't stop you from eating it-sick!

You love to say your prayers. Before every meal & bedtime you put your little hand over your mouth, mumble some things, and then shout "AMEN!"
You still cry in the church nursery, but it's only until you see a little friend for you to play with! And, your always playing when we go check on you.
You have seen your Daddy drum so much that you have picked it up! We tell you to play the drums & you beat on whatever is near you.

You love to help with anything we do.
If we're cooking, you have to be on the counter helping..If we're doing laundry, you're pulling stuff out of the dryer..If we're doing dishes, you're loading your toys into the dishwasher.
I'm praying this stays around for many, many years! ha!

It's hard to believe I will only write 2 more monthly updates!
You were in shock when you found out, too! 


Jessica said...

She is so cute! They DO grow so fast! I love the "Aints" comment. My kids sound like rednecks too. :)

Annie said...

LOVE that dress and the big pink bow!!