Wednesday, August 24, 2011

23 Months

you turned 23 months on the 20th.
Only one month until you're 2. Only one month until you're not a "month-baby".
 You wear mostly 2t clothes, size 6 shoes, & size 5 diapers.
We are pretty sure you're going to be left-handed because you do everything with your left hand.
Your hair is semi-curly, and pretty strawberry blond color.
You love to talk and repeat everything you hear! Your favorite is "I got chooo" and you say it no matter what "you got"
You love to play games and sing songs. You love "Wheels on the Bus" and request it often.
You still love watching Sesame Street.
You were doing really good with potty training, but seem to have regressed instead of progress.
You have mastered the fork and spoon..but still prefer your finger 99% of the time!
You made a few new buddies this month & momma is SO happy to have play dates! :)
You are a little rough with them, but we're learning everyday to be easy.
You are a people person.
People always ask if you're daddy's girl or momma's girl, and honestly you're both!
You love to play the drums with daddy, but enjoy make-up with mommy.

We love you to the moon!


Jessica said...

She is so cute! I love the picture of her peeking through the fence!!

Joeylee said...

She is adorable! such cute pictures