Monday, November 28, 2011


aka Picture Fail!

These are the only pictures I have of Kaidence from Thanksgiving.
Picture #1. A blurry mess of my child pretending to be a dog.

Picture #2. A blurry mess of my child with a bad attitude and disgusting boots.

I only got one picture of this little guy, too. 

I must do better at Christmas. MUST.


Amy said...

LOOOOOOOOOOVE the new look!!!!
and K's hair is adorable! oh how i wish libbi's would "lay" like that. but, she refuses (REFUSES!) to let me dry it so it ends up all crazy and cowlicky all over her head. :/

Lindsey said...

So sweet! She is adorable!
I did horrible with taking pics at Thanksgiving too. Christmas should present lots more photo ops! :)

Jessica said...

Still cute as can be! I so didn't get any pictures at Thanksgiving either!