Saturday, May 22, 2010

What Kaidence Eats...

I have had several bloggers e-mail me about what I feed Kaidence.
So, instead of e-mails I just decided to post this.
{this is all the things she has had this far}
1 egg YOLK
Small bowl of baby oatmeal/rice/barley cereal with cinnamon
1 Stage 2 Fruit
Gerber yogurt
Fresh fruit
Small pancake {No butter or syrup}

1 Stage 2 Fruit or Veggie
1 Stage 2 Meat
Sliced cheese or Shredded cheese
Gerber pick-up ravioli
Peas{rinsed in water after cooking}
Beans{rinsed in water after cooking}
Noodles{no butter or salt}
Small "strings" of chicken{no seasonings}

Yogurt melts{all flavors}
Puffs{all flavors}
Biter biscuits
Wagon wheels{only had veggie!}
Fresh fruit{strawberries, pineapple, apple}
Fresh veggies{cucumbers, carrots, broccoli}

I don't hesitate to give Kaidence food. {as long as it's healthy - NOT COOKIES!}
Some things she doesn't always like, but I don't give up!
I give her small amounts and watch her VERY closely when she eats just to make sure she doesn't stuff too much in her mouth!
I do plan to keep her on baby foods as long as she will eat them, but I also want her to be adjusted to table food!

If y'all have any suggestions, at all, about other healthy snacks I can give her please let me know!

{K's breakfast on her 8 Month Day! Small bowl of oatmeal cereal, Stage 2 applesauce, 4 ounces of pear juice, and that wittle cute star is her very first pancake!}

{Also on her 8 Month Day, she knocked her sweet peas out of my hands and then she played in it. SINCE it was her day, I let her have fun-HA!:)}

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Jillian said...

I started giving Emerson all table food at her age!! She eats everything! Whole wheat waffles with cream cheese I give Emerson on a special occasion but she loves them! And kashi nutra grain bars are healthy and she eats then with fresh fruit for breakfast! For lunch I give her black beans, peppers, sweet potatoes, squash, chicken ( i buy a rotisserie chicken from schuncks every week), yo baby yogurts, cheese, peas, green beans, whole wheat pasta, pretty much everything except nuts!