Thursday, May 13, 2010


{**Warning! There are lots & lots of pictures. I just wrote this to as a THANK YOU for the things we have won!}
I have won several things since I started blogging.
I have been forgetting to say thanks - so, I'm just going to do one big THANK YOU post!
{these are NOT in order that I won!}

1. At Jabbering Jessi, during her Mother's Day event,  I won a baby starRock the Tote bag.

2. Back in December I won a $25 gift certificate to Chickadee Vinyl from Fabulous Fun Finds.
{on her door. flower at the top of the door, too}
{in our master bedroom.i think it needs something else-any suggestions?}

3. Molly gave away a $10 gift certificate from her adorable shop "Tutu Cute by Molly".
I chose one of these adorable shirts
4. When I did my first giveaway Caroline was kind enough to send Kaidence some of her awesome dishwasher safe labels

5 - I followLittle Diva Tutus on twitter and facebook. They host lots of giveaways on both. During their '25 Days of Christmas' Kaidence won a "tutu mini" and during their anniversary she won a tropical flower hair bow.

6 - I follow Cotton Candy Shop on facebook and they recently celebrated their 2 Year Anniversary. You could send in a picture supporting CCS & win a free flower and headband!
Here's the picture we sent in..

7 - I follow Kula Klips on  facebook and was selected to win a set of new Kula Klips with no slip silicon logo'd grip!

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Meant to be a mom said...

Wow you have won so many great things. Lucky girl!

HAHA, I just saw your pic for wordless Wednesday. Awesome. That picture is the best.