Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weekend with Old Friends.

Friday - Josh was off work, so we stayed home and cleaned,cleaned,cleaned! We got all the rooms "spring cleaned" and sold some stuff on Craig's List! Also, Kaidence got a few drum lessons from her daddy ;)
Saturday - We left early heading to Evergreen. We went to Josh's parents when we first got into town. Then, we met my BFF Lindsey to head to Andalusia for lunch at Larry's BBQ! After lunch and WalMart, we went to my cousin Tonya's baby shower! Her little girl, Ansley, is due in July :) Kaidence stayed with my mom and sister so we could go to the theaters. It was a blast! It was me, Josh, Lindsey, Kristle,and her mom Kaye! We watched "Letters to Juliet" it was a really good movie, but I laughed the entire time thanks to Ms Kaye and her commentary-HA! After the movie we went back to WM and then to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's! We didn't get home until 1AM!!! {didn't get any pictures :( I did take this one on Josh's phone...Ms Kaye took her expensive drink from the theaters in RT with her-HA! She is crazy!}
Sunday - we went to church at our old church. Lindsey's daughter Addison was with her dad that weekend,but got to come to church to see us! :) I was so glad! After church we went to Kristle &Kaye's for chicken and then headed back home.
{Kaidence & Addison had on the same style dress from Target! Addison was a little scared of K because she wanted to attack her}
{Very blurry picture..:(}
Monday - Kaidence & I just hung around the house. She is cutting more teeth and she was not a happy camper!
Today - We went to prayer at church this morning, then I worked on some stuff for Youth. Kaidence sported her very first set of pigtails today. These are the Kula Klips I won - and, they are AMAZING! They are lined with plastic/rubber so they stay in her baby fine hair!
Hope y'all are having a wonderful week! I'm going to work on some crafts, cook dinner, and help Josh prepare his lesson for Youth tomorrow night!

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