Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Food, Family, & Fireworks!

Thursday -
K & I went to Pensacola to pick up Wendy & Savannah.
My sisters, Amy & Heather, got here that afternoon and we went out to Logan's for dinner.
Josh had to work overtime, so he didn't get home until 10! :(
Friday -
Josh had to work again.
So, us girls took our time getting ready and then went to Bozo's Seafood Market for lunch!
Heather went home, and my Mom came down!
We got all dressed up and went to the Semmes Annual Freedom Celebration.
It was great!
Lee McBride, a Christian comedian, was there.
He is good friends with our old Pastor, so we had heard him before.
Jimmy Needham, a Christian band, was there too.
He has an a-mazing voice!
After the band sang, there was a firework show.
K had never seen/heard them so I was a little worried she wouldn't like them...
but, she did!
Wendy decided to sit in K's stroller during the show because it was dry.
Saturday -
We got up early and went to the Watermelon Festival.
It was so, so hot!
It was also during K's nap time, so she was a little ill at first.
She finally took a much needed nap though..
Then, she woke up to eat the 'staple' of the Festival..
She loves watermelon! :)
Sunday -
We had a 'celebration' service at church.
Seeking Shelter, a local Christian band, came and played.
We had a cookout after church, followed by volleyball and horseshoes!
We came home, watched a movie, and then got ready for another Firework Show/Concert.
My mom & Amy headed back home and we headed to Hurley, MS.
Seeking Shelter was the entertainment of the night.
Miss K had so much fun watching everybody, and of course the fireworks!
{this is my new fave...}
Monday -
We went to the lake all day!
It was lots of fun :)
We took the girls back home and ate some yummy Mexican yesterday afternoon..

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Annie said...

You guys had a BUSY weekend!! Sounds fun :)