Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sick Girl!

I know I posted about the "fun things" from this weekend...
but, I thought I would post about the other side too.

Friday -
 Lindsey & I went to 6 Flags over Georgia while her mom kept the girls.
When we got home she felt warmed, so I checked her temp it was around 100. I gave her some Tylenol and thought it might be because she is cutting more teeth.
We went to Wal-Mart, and when we got back she was burning up again. She had a 101 temp then.
I gave her more medicine, and we went to bed.
She wouldn't sleep without laying on my chest and that is very unusual for K!

Saturday -
We woke up and it was 102.9!
That seemed a little high, but I gave her Motrin and within 15 minutes it was gone!
We did the party, and by the end she was I-L-L!!!
She had about a 100 temperature when we left.
She was fine when we got to my mom's, so we went to visit Ansley!
We went to dinner afterwards, and all seemed well!

Sunday -
My mom came in the room where K & I were to get her up, and she was BURNING UP!!!
We checked her temperature, and I stopped it at 104.4 because I knew something was NOT right!!!
We called the ER, and the on call pediatrician called us back and said go ahead and bring her in.
We checked in, they took her temperature and it was still 102!
The "doctor" came in and saw her pulling on her ears. He looked in them & said she had an ear infection.
He gave her a shot of antibiotics, a prescription for another antibiotic, and told us to give her Tylenol and Motrin for fever.
We left the ER and went to get her antibiotic filled. It had been about 3-4 hours by the time we left.
We got in the car and she started throwing up ... EVERYWHERE!!!
I freaked & called the ER again and they said to bring her back.
We got there and her temperature was back up to 104!!!
The nurses were very kind and checked her again
Then, the "doctor" came in and rambled something about it being the ear infection and the antibiotic doing it's job.
I didn't feel like it was "just an ear infection" though!
He told us to see her pediatrician Monday AM to "make sure"

Monday -
K ran a fever off & on all morning. Never got above 101 or 102.
At the doctor's office it was 101, so they gave her more Motrin!
Her doctor came in and checked her ears .... NOTHING!!!
She didn't have an ear infection in EITHER EAR!!!
He said her left eardrum was a little swollen, but it was NOT an ear infection!
I was starting to get upset, because my baby is sick and I want to know WHY!
He tried to look in her little mouth, but she ate the stick.
But, from what he did see - he said her throat was very red and swollen.
He asked if they did a culture on her throat. NOPE! Nothing!
He said he was about 100% sure that is what was wrong with K!
He couldn't do a culture because she was already on antibiotics and that it wouldn't work right.

I was pretty upset!
My poor girl has been feeling horrible....and this ER "doctor" assumed just because she was pulling on her ear it was infected!
I even explained to him that her pediatrician knew about her pulling on her ear, and he said it was her way of "coping with pain!"

Tuesday -
She woke up smiling. I checked her temperature after she got up from her nap & it was 97!
She has been eating well again today .. a whole pack of instant grits, peas, corn, tomatoes, and popsicles!
I am hoping she continues to stay well!
Her DR said if she wasn't "back to normal" by Wednesday AM, she had to come in for more testing.
I guess she got the memo & decided she was OVER getting messed with by nurses & doctors!

{these are from my phone..sorry for the quality!}
this was after she was given a shot of antibiotics in the ER!
She kept her little hand on her head alot.
And, this one is just to show off her CURLS!!!


{:miss v:} said...

Awwww...poor baby! I'm glad she's feeling better now. Hopefully that darn fever doesn't come back!

Meant to be a mom said...

Poor baby K! Poor mama!
How horrible. I would have been irate with the ER doc too. That's horrible that he didn't even put an effort towards really figuring out what was wrong. NOT COOL!

I bet your doc was pissed off too.

I'm so glad that she's feeling better though, but that is really scary. I mean now any time your doc is closed its going to be hard to trust that hospital with anything.