Friday, January 7, 2011

15 Month Check up

This month, we changed K's pediatrician to one closer to us.
We were traveling to our home town, about 2 hours away, when she had check-ups.
I loved Dr. Eldridge, but it was just getting to be too much traveling.
She now sees Dr. Cepeda at Children's Medical Group.
I have to say, just from the first visit I do like him a lot.
He was so good with K and took time to explain everything to me. 
height - 30 inches - 50%
weight - 25 pounds,10 ounces - 85%
head circumference - 48.5 cm - off the charts!
{this is not new, it has been off the chart since she was a few months old} 
She did get 3 shots while we were there.
I went in totally against the flu shot, but he gave me more information and told me about all the cases he has already seen this year, so we went ahead and got her first ever flu shot!

She checked out "on schedule" or "advanced" in everything, so I was one proud momma!
And, we don't have to go back until she is 18 months!


Miranda said...

She is SUCH a cutie!!! :-)
Glad her appointment went well and you like the Dr - that makes things SO MUCH BETTER when you like the Dr. :-)

Meant to be a mom said...

Great check up. I'm glad to hear you guys found a good pedi near you.
Miss K is truly such a cutie. I love that pic of her sitting on the table :)

I was the same way about the flu shot. Our doctor really had to convince me to let them give Cooper his but after hearing it all I also changed my mind. The doctor was so firm about how he could potentially die if he was to catch the flu.
I also had to get one since I'm pregnant for the first time ever. I was nervous but no flu yet :) So hopefully its working.