Thursday, January 27, 2011


I have SO much on my mind right now that I could never write out a real post that makes sense, so I give you bullets! :)

  • Kaidence has been SUPER congested, snotty, coughy all things yucky so I took her to see Dr. Cepeda yesterday. He coudn't give her anything for congestion because she is under 2, but turns out she has a MAJOR ear infection in her left ear. Totally strange because she has no fever, no drainage, and hasn't been pulling on it at ALL!
  • Josh & I got a word spoken over us at church last night. It was a great thing, but I am so nervous/anxious/excited/FULL OF EMOTIONS!!!!
  • Kaidence still poops in the potty, and pees when we sit her on there, but she doesn't let us know before she has to pee, only poop!
  • Josh's band is about to start doing 2-3 shows per weekend, and I am hoping K accepts this-ha! She loves the band, just loves her bed and bedtime more sometimes!
  • We are going to finish reading Love & Respect. Our Pastor's gave it to us as a wedding gift almost 3 years ago, and I'm sad to say we aren't half way done with it! :( But, we have decided before we get into full time ministry {EEEEEK!!!!!} we need to finish the book!
  • I need other Christian books to read. I have heard 'Radical' is good, but have any of you read it?
  • I also would LOVE to have a "BLOGGY MEETUP" for Mobile/Baldwin County. Also, the lower Mississippi region. If any of you are from my area, leave a comment. Or, if you read someone's blog from this area let them know! I would love to start a small group/play date once a month!
  • I am running out of things to, here is a few pictures of Kaidence! :)



Ms. J said...

Love the book Love and Respect!! It was actually the theme for our wedding ceremony. It is so insightful and has helped us so much with the little and big arguments we have had. It's such an important concept to remember.

Excited to hear about the new things the Lord has in store for you!

Meant to be a mom said...

Kadence is just getting so big. What a doll she is as always though :)
I have never read Love and Respect, But I've heard lots of great things about it.

Ashley said...

Ok..... That shirt is the Cutest thing ever!!! Where did you get it??

Jessica said...

I just saw that you were a new follower so I thought I would check you out! :) Kaidence is so cute! I had a shirt made for Riley that is similar to the one Kaidence is wearing. It says "I like girls with BIG bows!" Haha!

Shannon said...

Okay seriously dying over here..."I like big bows and I cannot lie..." What a hoot! She's adorable too, of course!