Thursday, April 1, 2010

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail...

Tonight, I took the girls to Bass Pro to see the Easter Bunny! :)
I was thinking about NOT doing it, because let's just face it - you do not know who/what is in that suit. Ha!

But, she had a super cute "springy" smocked bubble suit. It was just screaming Easter picture ;)
Savannah decided to have her picture taken, too.
After our visit with Bunny, we decided to do some birthday shopping for Josh! His birthday is Saturday! :)
I made the girls stand on a cute bridge in front of the "waterfall" for picture sake! ;)
While we finished shopping for Josh, I noticed Miss K's diaper was on crazy and had leaked all over the place. I sent Savannah out to the car to change her diaper while me & Wendy checked out. As we were walking out the door I notice Savannah coming back in the store all frazzled. I asked her for the keys and she said "I locked them in the car" I was thinking she was just April Fools-ing me..BUT, she wasn't! uh! We had to call out the local cop to come out and unlock. It took a while, but after 2 different cops tried they were finally able to get it open. I really wanted to hug their necks - ha! I was so upset standing out in the wind with a crying baby for over 30 minutes. So, trust me when I say Savannah KNOWS not to lock my keys up again!

When we finally left Bass Pro, we went to Zaxby's for dinner. And, of course it was fantastic! :) Miss K has started to want our food. She literally throws a FIT! She had puffs, but ate all them. All we had besides chicken was celery so we let her gum on it. Her favorite "gumming" treat is pickles, though, she ate two WHOLE pickles yesterday at Firehouse Subs - ha!

Tomorrow, we're going to Dauphin Island to the beach and then to see this:
I hope it's good! :)


Annie said...

Cute pics!
I heard that the Last Song is sad! Take your tissues :)

aimymichelle said...

aww cute