Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Recap

Sorry I have been unbloggy lately..we've been busy! :)
Friday - Josh was finally off work! He took us girls out to lunch, to get my hair cut, and do some BDAY present shopping. I also found out my aircondition in my car is GONE :( It's going to cost atleast $500 - boo! So, until we get it fixed me & K will be riding with the windows down. If you happen to see me looking like this...
just know it's because 1) I have no air, 2) my hair is short now, so it won't stay in one ponytail and 3) I'm just waaaayyy too lazy busy to put on makeup! HA!
Back to our weekend...
Saturday, we headed to Milton, FL to celebrate all the April BDAYS! It's Josh's, his 2 brother's, his Aunt Lisa and her 2 children!
If you notice, Little Miss was the center of attention! She did really well, and I'm so glad! :)
I didn't get a group picture because the little ones were playing on the slip-n-slide...
But, this is Lauren and JoAnna Grace. She is turning 1! :) And, Kaidence is bigger than her..we do have a healthy baby ;)
Michael and JoAnna Grace are brother & sister and share their BDAY month..
We left the party early because Josh had to work Saturday night :(
Sunday, we missed AM church! :( When Josh woke up we went to Lowe's for him to get some tools for work.

Today, us girls have been grocery shopping. We also took a little trip to HobLob :)
Miss K in her cute new clothes from TarJay! :)
When we got home, I decided to start on my front door project while Josh worked on some stuff in her "man shed". While we did that, Kaidence worked on her tan in her pool ;)

I will post about all my craft projects once I have them complete!

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Meant to be a mom said...

I love Target, Those pictures are so cute of the little miss.
I'm glad you had a good weekend but sorry to hear about your air conditioner. That's terrible. Well you have a month or more before it gets rediculously hot outside. I hope you get it fixed.

By the way that picture of you is awesome! I love that your not wearing any make up and your hair is totally on top of your head. You make me laugh. I do that too but I don't have the guts to take a picture and post it. I'm glad you did. Your fun=)