Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday 2010

We had a wonderful Easter!
I took the girls to church, Josh stayed home even though he REALLY wanted to go. He was so tired because he has been on 12 hour shifts, 7 days a week for about a month or so! It finally caught up with him and he literally couldn't get out of the bed :(
After church, I cooked a big meal for us. We had pork loin, mashed potatoes, macaroni&cheese, peas, corn, and jiffy cornbread muffins! It was delish :)
While we were waiting on Josh to get out of bed, I took Miss K outside to get some pictures in her outfit she wore Saturday to the Easter egg hunt.
I wanted to get some in her dress she wore to church, but she had other plans. She was so tired because she was up Saturday night with a fever of 102.8! :( I gave her tylenol & motrin and it broke. I think it was because a new little toofie broke through her gum! She now has 2 teeth :)
When Josh got up, we gave her what the Easter Bunny had left for her..
{stuffed bunny, 'K' shirt, 8 crotched colored headbands, 2 flower headbands, 2 bow headband, 1 zebra daisy headband, Praise Baby DVD, Max Lucado 2-disc DVD, pig mirror/rattler, touch & feel "Little Chick" book, and a mesh feeder!
She was SO excited when I emptied the basket around her! Her favorite is the pig, she actually "picked it out" on a shopping trip a few weeks ago - I think she remembered it :)
{Nana also got her a dress, shoes, and stuffed lamb from Old Navy last weekend!}
Josh left for work and I took Wendy & Savannah to meet their mom. It was a lot of fun having them for the past week :)

I was finally able to get some pictures of Kaidence in her Easter dress today. These aren't the greatest because she was much more interested in all the noises outside :)

Hope you all had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday :)

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Ms. J said...

What a cute little dress! love those colors- she is so adorable!