Thursday, April 22, 2010

How We Met

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

This week Kelly's "Show Us Your Life" theme is how you met your spouse.
I decided to share our story since I never have!
Josh & I went to the same school K-12.
It's a very small country school, we seriously graduated with 40 or so people!
Anyways, we really didnt start "knowing" each other until 5th or 6th grade, because that's when we both joined elementary band.
I wanted to be cool and like older boys - HA! I will go ahead and say they were skank-a-riffic looking back.
My sisters and mom LOVE to mention a certain few of them {EWW!}
I never really DATED them though. I mean, I was in7th,8th,&9th grade.
back to our story.
The last football game of our freshman year, we were coming back from a football game.
Josh & I always sat on the bus together, always!
I liked him, but I didn't think he liked me - AT ALL!
On the way home, though, he held my hand.
{funny story: he held my hand "backwards" until Evergreen-ha! That was like over half the trip, but I wasn't going to say anything}
I pretended to be asleep just so I could lay on his shoulder :)
I remember him kissing my forehead - aww!
We never "dated", just flirted... alot!
That spring we went to 6 Flags over Georgia.
I rode EVERY.SINGLE.RIDE with Josh.
I was smitten, let me just tell ya!
He asked me out on the way home :)
Of course, I said YES!
I broke up with him the next Monday at school...I thought I liked this older guy named Brandon. I talked to him on the phone, that's it.
I know, I know...I was stupid!
I "broke up" with Brandon and tried to get Josh to go back out with me ...NOPE!
He told all our friend's he did not like me. I mean, can ya blame him?!
Before school started back I had colorguard camp. Josh was the drum captain, so he came up to the school for something. That little stink would not even talk to me. Seriously! I would say something to him and he would respond to the other girls instead of to me! ha!
School started back. Everybody knew I liked Josh and he liked me. He was just stubborn{hasnt changed;)}
Our friends tried & tried to get him to ask me back out. He wouldn't!
They even locked us in the band director's office together just so we would talk...
He said, "We might as well act like we're talking because they'll never let us out of here!"
I was crushed, heartbroken,mad, you name it! I declared that day "I HATE JOSH THAMES! HE IS IMMATURE!"
One Friday night, we had a football game in Geneva, AL.
We stopped at Burger King for food before the game and Josh called me another girl's name.
He didn't like her, and I didn't like her because we use to be BFFs..but, we just didnt get along anymore.
I kicked him out of my seat-ha!
During the game it started raining..really,really hard!
Most of us normal people went and sat on the bus.
Not Josh! He stayed in the pouring rain to play the stinkin' drums!!!!!!
Talk about being FIRED UP!!
I told Christen I didn't ever want to see his face again. I was beyond fed up with him at this point.
He finally got on the bus after the game. He was drenched from rain and sweat.
He tried to sit in my seat again, and me being the drama queen brat person I am...I wouldn't let him!
I stretched across the seat, with my head against the window, and with my poutiest voice ever said
"Why dont you just sit with your boyfriend BRETT!!!"{the other drummer}
He sat with Brett. I could hear him & Christen talking. She kept telling him to ask me out, he said he wasn't going to. She finally told him HE WAS!!! :)
He got in the seat, sweet talked me because he knew I was mad.
He asked me out, and of course I said YES, again! :)

Josh and I had our share of fights, trust me!
I broke up with him atleast 5 times a month.
I don't see how he put up with me back in those days.
It had to be God giving him lots and lots of strength!

{these are the worse quality pictures ever! Sorry!}
This is from when we went to TN on vacation with my parents.
Our JR year in highschool. Josh was in a womanless pageant for Relay for Life.
Both of those were taken in 2006. We were in Orlando for National Fine Arts!
We were out of school in those two pictures.
I was pregnant with Kaidence in both of those.

Through all the ups and downs, we stayed together and now we have the cutest little lady!

I am beyond greatful for Josh. I know as a teenager, most relationships don't last. I am so thankful our's did! It means so much to me that we will be able to tell Kaidence that we were highschool sweethearts that stayed true to each other. That means the most to me, knowing I'm the only person Josh has ever loved!
I know God has major, major plans for us. I hope our simple little "how we met" story gets to be apart of the plans.
I want teens to know you don't have to have relationships with every guy, it's better to wait for the one God has for you!

{if you made it through that whole thing...CONGRATULATIONS!}
Here's a prize...the cutest, funniest picture...ever!

starting officially dating September 5, 2003. Graduated highschool May 21, 2006.
Engaged December 19, 2007.
Married July 19, 2008.
Kaidence was born September 20, 2009}


Erica said...

oh the high school drama! lol what a cute story! and you are blessed with a beautiful family!

Annie said...

Loved reading your story!! So sweet that you guys are high school sweethearts :)

Shoshanah said...

I can't imagine going to such a small school for all 12 years growing up. (For comparison my high graduating class was over 1,000 people!) But I'm glad to hear you two made it through all the ups and downs. And just letting you know I found your story through Kelly's Korner

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Loved reading your story....this has been one of the most fun "Show ME's"

Happy Sunday. I have a few hours to blog hop glad that I stopped here....Be sure and stop by and read about a miracle in our family....