Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall De Rah!

Today, K & I met Whitney, Katie Beth, and Emily to have a little fall fun!
Kaidence was super, duper excited while we waited on them..
{she is not wearing a bow in this picture because she usually takes them out, so I've stopped putting them in until we get out. Well, today right before this picture she picked up her bow and put it up to her head! I shouted "YAE!!!" and started clapping and cheering! I have been waiting on this day for 13 months-ha! She made me so proud! :)}

We finally got to Moss Point and headed on our way to look at the cute decor. 
They were far more interested in the hay. 
They had this super cute wagon, but this is the worst picture! ha!
The sun was glaring, Katie Beth looks like she is squished, and Kaidence is in her own little world! 
I promise my child always has her mouth open.
And, usually she is "singing" or jibber-jabbering about something! 
I can't believe how hard it is to get 3 little cuties to look at 1 camera at the same time...
Point A -  
It's even hard to get 1 little cutie because she would rather be running lose! 
These 2 love to give kisses! 
And, again, with her mouth wide open
After today,  I have a new respect for photographers.
Especially children photographers!


Annie said...

Love them all...and LOVE that she is wanting her bow!! Thats great :) My girl better LOVE a bow and some ruffles!! heheh

Jillian said...

So cute!!!

Angie said...

Love the pictures!!! Gracie has this outfit and I just love it!!!