Wednesday, April 20, 2011

19 Months Old

Kaidence, today you are 19 months old!
{And, your Mommy is actually writing your post on your actual Monthday!}

You are growing so much.
It seems like you learn something new every day!
You learn to try to repeat what we say, and you do a pretty good job at it.
You even repeat what you see us do.
Just today, I was blow drying your hair and you grabbed Daddy's contact case and started poking your eye.
I'm truly amazed at how fast you learn new things.
You got your first pet.
Benny the Bunny!
You love him, Daddy loves him, Mommy is praying hard that she will feel the same soon-ha!
You also took your first over-night vacation.
We went to Destin with Grammie & Paw-Paw, and you loved the water!
I'm so thankful we live on the Coast, so that you can be a little beach girl! :)
You love to say your prayers!
You cover your little eyes, and then let out a big "AMEN!"
You "blow out" your light when we sing "This Little Light of Mine"
You love to worship and dance to music. It's precious!
{You got Italian Ice for doing so good during your pictures. Bribery is our new BFF!}

Happy 19th Monthday, Sweet Girl!


Joeylee said...

she is adorable!

Annie said...

Cutesy thing ever! And Benny the bunny is cute too!

Kristin said...

Hey girl!! I have a new cake blog and etsy shop!!!

check it out!!!