Monday, April 18, 2011

Back Tracking.

Y'all, I am so behind on blogging.
It would be easy just to start with "life now", but I want to have this for my memory and later on Kaidence's blog-to-book.
So, we are taking it back...
Two weekends ago, to be more specific.

April 2-
We went to a cute lady bug themed birthday party for Gracie.
{her daddy made the cake by himself. I thought that was too sweet!}
Kaidence loved wearing the party hat. But, she insisted on wearing her "BOOOOW" and hat too.
I was a little shocked she wore the hat at all.
The party was fun, and K had a blast playing with all the big kids!

April 3-
This was Josh's birthday!
He worked Saturday night, so when he got home Sunday AM we all got ready and headed to Fairhope for a family day.
We went to our favorite little park to feed the ducks and geese, but when we got there saw a ton of seagulls.
I don't like these loud, annoying bird..but, I cannot same the same about the other 2/3rds of the trio!
They ran through them atleast 5 times, and K laughed the entire time.
After they entertained the birds, we decided to walk down to the pier.
We stopped to try to get a family picture using the self-timer.
Key word there being try!
After we left the park, we headed to one of our favorite restaurants on the bay for lunch.
We enjoyed a nice lunch outside before heading back home for the day.

*Yes, I decided to take a safety precaution and add a watermark to all of our family/kid pictures. Our pictures have never been taken, but I think it's better to play it safe!*


Ashley said...

That cake is too cute ;)

Annie said...

Love that dress that K is wearing!!