Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baby Shower for Brayson!

April 9 -
My oldest sister, Heather, is having my first nephew in May.
He will be the first boy on my side of the family, and I'm excited for some blue!
We had a baby shower for them a few weekends ago.
It was rubber duck themed, and super cute!
{This was the blue punch.}

This is Heather with the rubber duck cake.
Brayson recieved lots of cute blue goodies, too!

Side story, Kaidence loves being the center of attention. I mean, she lives for it!
She sat at the head of the table beside me, and she was constantly hamming it up.
She kept telling everyone "HI!", any time someone had out a camera she would say "CHEESE!", and she was the loudest one at all times.
Of course, when it came time for Heather to open gifts she had to be right in the middle lending a helping hand.

I think it was a great shower, now we're just ready to meet Mr. Brayson!

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