Friday, May 20, 2011

20 Months

Kaidence, today you are 20 months old!
That's only 4 months until you are 2!!! :(
And, that makes me a little sad!

You are growing up so fast, and while I do wish you would stay a baby, I love seeing you grow and learn.
You are saying more words everyday and can identify every body part on your, or anybody who's willing to let you poke their "EYESSS"-ha!
You love "Elno" and that's what your 2nd Birthday is going to be - Sesame Street!
{funny story, when you say "el-no" it sort of sounds like you're saying "h3ll no".oops!}

You love to entertain! Just today you were putting on a show for some girls in Best Buy.

You weigh 29.5 pounds, we found that out because you had a horrible ear infection this month.
Thankfully, as of today, no more ear infections!:)
Also today was the first time in for-ev-er you didn't act like a wild banshee in the Dr.'s office.
Praise Him! We are making progress

*Mommy will post pictures when she has her beloved camera back :(

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Joeylee said...

Happy 20 months Kaidence. They grow up so fast!